It’s Nice to Know I’m Not the Only One Who Has to Cut the Cords

Who knew the Wall Street Journal would start sourcing some of its stories from The Onion?

Nearly five years ago The Onion ran a photo story with the headline “Jumbled Nest Of Cords Makes Move To Third New Apartment“. The story had no words, just the image shown above.

Someone from the WSJ must have seen that story and filed it away for someday in the future when they were light on stories to run.

Well, that day was today.

The Journal ran a story with the headline: “Admit It: You Have a Box of Cords You’ll Never, Ever Use Again“, front page, in fact.

The story features five individuals/couples who have accumulated a box full of cords, having no idea what the cords are for or if they still have whatever device the cord goes with.

It’s good to know that I’m not the only one who has such a box of cords (actually a couple such boxes). I’m just not sure that me, or any of the people in the story, having a box of unused cords is newsworthy, especially in a great paper like the WSJ.

The story did offer some useful advice on how to get rid of the cords:

  • Best Buy says all its locations recycle old electronics and cords.
  • Many Goodwill Industries International Inc. locations accept cords and sell or recycle them.

Other than that, The Onion headline from five years ago captured the essence of the WSJ story.

I might have to check to see if there are any Onion stories from a few years ago I could write about as if it was a new idea…


25 thoughts on “It’s Nice to Know I’m Not the Only One Who Has to Cut the Cords

  1. I can so relate!!! We actually took our box of cords to Best Buy after Christmas! We asked our kids if they claimed any and since they didn’t, all went to Best Buy! Felt kind of good getting rid of them. Now the question is….how long before we remember we needed one of them… lol!!


    1. I think many people can relate to this. I’m sure it felt great to get rid of all of those cords – maybe knowing that will motivate me to do the same!


  2. Great catch. I just sorted through one of my boxes of cords yesterday. And as a result I have found connections to an assortment of old devices. This means I can recharge them, wipe them clean and find a home for them.


  3. It does seem strange for the WSJ to front page such a fluff piece, especially during a news cycle that includes, impeachment drama, troop increases on foreign soil, and raging wild fires in Australia. But, I am all for recycling, on page six that is…


  4. Just imagine the number of cords and chargers hotels must have. I’ve left a few of them in hotels over the years. That’s when I go to my pile (not box) of cords and chargers in hopes of a replacement. There should be a law requiring that similar types of devices accept the same cords and chargers.


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