A Wonderful Interview with Bruce Springsteen

After five years of trying, Gayle King was finally able to land an interview with Springsteen, and as a viewer, it was worth the wait.

The interview was originally split into a couple of parts. Below are parts one and two. (I’ve also included the full interview at the end if you’d prefer to watch that. There are slight differences between the videos as a result of editing.)

Part one:

And here is part two:

Here’s a little behind the scenes clip:

One interesting part of the interview was Springsteen’s comments about his voice and the importance of writing:

“Yeah, I never cared for my voice … I still don’t listen to it. It always sounds like I’m just waking up or something. I don’t know. That’s why I have to write. I have to write or else I’m sunk.”

Springsteen also notes how lucky he has been to have worked with his friends for the past 50 plus years, a rare opportunity. He also notes now blessed he is to have been married to his wife for the past 30 years.

Springsteen fan or not, I recommend watching the interview, if for nothing else to get a look at his farm.

And here’s the trailer to his movie, Western Stars, which he calls a love letter to his wife:

Full interview:

12 thoughts on “A Wonderful Interview with Bruce Springsteen

  1. Thanks for sharing this, Jim. Unfortunately, I couldn’t watch either of the shorter videos (not available here) so had to watch the longer one. What a great interview. I really enjoyed it. Also enjoyed the trailer of his movie. Might go to see it when it comes here.


  2. Thanks Jim. He’s an icon and one of, if not THE hero of my youth. I saw him three times in the early 80’s and was blown away each time by his amazing performances. His words always struck me in a personal way. Great writer, right up there with Dylan in my view. Hard to believe he’s 70 years old!


    1. He is a phenomenal writer and performer. I’ve been fortunate to see him a few times as well. Although one regret is that I didn’t get to see him when he was playing at a small venue back in 1975, just a few minutes from where I lived.


      1. I share the same regret. He played at a venue in Cleveland, Ohio called the Agora in I believe 1975, right about when Born to Run came out. I was only 14 at the time and had not really gotten into his music yet. I found out a few years later from an older friend, that he was at that concert. He said he became a fan for life after that performance. Damn….still wish I could have been there!!


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