I’ve Never Learned to Dance, and It’s Probably Too Late Now

Growing up, I always thought dancing was more of a girl thing, and so I just ignored it, sticking to my math problems and brain teasers. Sure there were times when I did it, but it was always the same basic move, just shuffling my feet back and forth, my upper body hardly moving and my arms hanging by my side. Plus, I never knew where to look.

That belief, and those moves, began in grade school, continued through high school and college, and can still be observed at weddings today.

Why am I bringing this up?

Well, I was at a wedding tonight.

There was great music, everyone was dancing, and it was hard not to get caught up in the excitement.

So my wife and I went out on the dance floor, and it was time once again for my sixth-grade dance moves.

I know no one was watching me (it would have ruined their night), but I still felt very self-conscious on the dance floor. It seemed like everyone else had moves like Jagger.

So as I watched everyone dance, I wondered where they learned how to do so.

Does it just come naturally to some people, do people take lessons, do they practice on their own in private?

I’ve tried to visualize what I should be doing, but my body just can’t translate thought to action.

At this point, I know I’m a lost cause.

But it won’t stop me from going out on the dance floor.

Maybe someday sixth-grade dance moves will be all the craze.

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22 thoughts on “I’ve Never Learned to Dance, and It’s Probably Too Late Now

  1. It is not too late to learn. I thought so, but a few lessons is all that’s required to learn the basics. Social dancing is fun. There’s even math (counting at least) in dancing and music composition. Music and dance must somehow be necessary for the human brain. Every culture develops music and dance.


    1. perhaps when I retire in a few years I’ll look into lessons. until then, the world is going to have deal with my awkward moves. But I do like that there is some math involved πŸ™‚


  2. You can take a young mind and imbue it with the intricacies of high finance, despite the constant draw of social activities and media. As a teacher, I can’t believe there is anyway you think that someone can’t learn something.
    Take a class. You may find you have an inner dancer just waiting to come out! Plus, it may be a fun once a week activity for you and your loving wife. I was the same way until I dated a dance instructor. The only difference is that my lessons were free. Get out there and shake that thing Jim!


  3. like you, dancing has never come easily to me, that being said, I’m an enthusiastic dancer, when put in a scenario where it has to happen. here’s to you for continuing to dance as needed )


  4. Even now (a few weeks off 70) I automatically move to certain rhythms. It’s why I can’t have my playlists on while I’m writing – it’s hard to type when your body’s moving.


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