Music Monday: Country Music Trio MAMADEAR (you gottahear)

I’m going to keep the words to a minimum with this post, and let the music of MAMADEAR do most of the talking.

I’ll start with the song “Steal Away” that I discovered thanks once again to the wonderful Coti Howell at Nashville Noise:

All I could say when I first saw it was “WOW!” Wonderful harmonies, beautiful lyrics, and great music. What else do you need?

My guess is that most of you reading this have never heard of MAMADEAR, which hopefully will change soon with the release of their latest music.

Here’s a video interview that offers some background on each member, how they got started, and how they came up with the name of their group (hint – it’s a tribute to a woman they met). What comes through loud and clear in these two videos is how much they seem to love what they are doing.

If you prefer to read about them (you’re going to miss some great music though), here is a brief bio from their web site:

It was on a front porch just five years ago that Kelly Bradway, Dan Wilson, and Parker Bradway formed the country music trio they now call MAMADEAR —named after a lovely lady with the loveliest porch in Tennessee. Since then, they have aspired to treat every stage like it’s their porch and every fan like a friend while playing shows across America and opening for acts like Martina McBride, Brett Eldredge, CAM, Chase Bryant, Kristian Bush, Charlie Daniels, Michael Ray and more.  With every stop from coast to coast, MAMADEAR carries home with them wherever they go.

All it takes is a verse and a chorus before MAMADEAR feels like a lifelong friend. This may be why they were named Rolling Stone’s “Best Up-and-Comer” at 2014’s CMA Fest, or how they landed a major hookup with Creative Arts Agency.  It may also be why a Southwest Airlines flight crew once had them sing “Country Roads” over the loudspeaker to 37 rows of delighted travelers. Their sound is contagious and breeds southern comfort nostalgia—no matter how far you may be from your own front porch.

MAMADEAR’s tunes remind us of all the good things in life. Like the cardboard pop on a can of biscuits, like the glide of the cork from a bottle of Woodford, or the twang of a B7 chord on a vintage Gibson guitar. Like everything you’d ever need is right beside you, exactly where it belongs. Kelly, Dan, and Parker are doing something different with their music. With the sound of stadium artists and the heart of the Bluebird, MAMADEAR is taking country music to a place anyone can call home.

Here is their latest single, Lost Cause:

And since I can’t get enough of the first song above, here is the official music video of Steal Away:

I hope MAMADEAR does a tour stop in the Philly area in the near future; in the meantime, I’ll have to settle for following them on Spotify.

I wish them all the best!

*image from Taste of Country

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    1. that sounds like a great course; I’ve been recording the Ken Burns PBS documentary on Country Music, but I have not watched any of it yet. I’d like to know more about country music as well!


      1. Oh wow I was just planning to watch it too because our professor mentioned how it was so similar to what we were learning in class and that we should watch it!


  1. My wife is a big country music buff, and I’m going to make sure she has a chance to listen. Thanks for sharing, Jim.


    1. I thought you might enjoy them; next week I am thinking about writing a post on Blackberry Smoke, a band I had never heard of until you mentioned them in a recent post.


    1. Wow! You just made my day! Thanks to Coti at Nashville Noice for making me aware of your music. Hopefully you make your way up to the Philly area in the near future. Love your music and I wish you continued success!


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