Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction – Poisoned Apple

This past week I wrote about my first attempt at “flash fiction“, writing a 99-word blog post in response to a prompt. The prompt last week was “rock star”, and this week it is “poisoned apple“.

Here is my entry for this week’s prompt:

I was working in the lab late one night, tasked with trying to find a safer, cheaper, and more environmentally-friendly formula for our top-selling weed killer.

While typing notes on my Macbook, I absentmindedly reached for the beaker containing the latest compound.

Unfortunately, some of the liquid fell onto the keyboard, and I watched in horror as smoke began to come out of my computer.

The screen went blank a few seconds later, and nothing I could do would bring it back to life.

It was then that I realized what the problem was, I had a poisoned Apple.

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25 thoughts on “Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction – Poisoned Apple

    1. thanks, Brad. I’m a huge fan of all things Apple, so when I saw the phrase “poisoned Apple”, Apple products were the first thing that came to mind!


      1. I did 😀 Took me a minute to get it. I was thinking – how has he poisoned an apple? He hasn’t mentioned an apple. Doh! I’m a bit slow like that 😀


      2. I miss a lot of jokes as well, thank heaven my wife is here to explain them to me. And by the way, as a fellow vegan, thank you for all of your efforts on behalf of the vegan lifestyle and community!


      3. Oh Jim! Sorry I rudely left before I saw your reply! 😀 Thank you so much for your kind words, that makes me very happy 😀 Have a brilliant vegan weekend 😀


  1. You had us all with the character and plot and you nailed it with the pun! Great flash, Jim. Thanks for giving it another shot. Magic will start happening in 99 words.


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