A Wonderful Weekend Visit to The Land

This was our second visit to Cleveland, where our oldest son lives. I previously wrote about our first visit, where we discovered how nice all the people seemed to be.

On this visit, we discovered how many wonderful things there are to do and see in “The Land”.

We arrived on Friday and had a great Mexican dinner at Senorita Bonitas in Solon. We relaxed the rest of the evening since we knew Saturday was going to be action-packed.

It began with a walk around the town of Chagrin Falls, just about the nicest small town I think I’ve ever seen to me. From my perspective, its major claim to fame is where Bill Watterson, creator of the Calvin&Hobbes comic strip, grew up and went to high school.

As part of the walk/drive through town, we visited the Chagrin Hardware & Supply, the popcorn shop, Fireside book shop, the library, the historical society, and had lunch at Flip Side. After lunch, we then played a round of miniature golf at the Golf Dome. Never saw a course with so many water hazards and real sand traps!

We then went back to our hotel to relax for a while, since we had tickets to that night’s baseball game between the Indians and the Angels. Progressive Field is a great stadium, and it was nostalgic looking at pictures of Bob Feller, Cy Young, and Satchel Paige. I was rooting for the Indians to win, which they did, but to be honest the highlight for me was getting to see Mike Trout play.

After the game, we stopped and had some great pizza at Antonio’s in Parma.

As I said, Saturday was action-packed.

Sunday we took a drive out to Rocky River Park which overlooks Lake Erie. We picked up some subs from Cosmic Dave’s, and my veggie sub was one of the best hoagies I’ve ever had. And as a bonus, right next to Cosmic Dave’s was the Vegan Doughnut Company – a win-win! No five-star restaurant could have matched the ambiance of sitting on a bench eating our subs and doughnuts while looking out on Lake Erie.

After lunch, it was time to depart, with a belly full of fine food, and a mind full of wonderful memories.

We can’t wait for our next visit; we still have not visited the number one attraction in Cleveland – the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame!

*image from reddit, where someone compared the back cover of one of Calvin&Hobbes books to an aerial drone shot of downtown Chagrin Falls

20 thoughts on “A Wonderful Weekend Visit to The Land

  1. Great post Jim. Sounds like a fun weekend. You are moonlighting for the Cleveland Chamber of Commerce are you? πŸ™‚


    1. thanks, it was a great weekend. one of my students is from Cleveland and he used to tell me how much he loved the city and couldn’t wait to go back and start his career there once he graduated. Well he just graduated, and is starting his career in his hometown. I can see why he likes the city so much.


  2. When I was in high school we lived outside of Akron. Our Dad often loaded us into the car to go see the Cleveland Indians play ball. This was back in the era of Rocky Colavito. I was a country girl so the move to Ohio was not exciting to me, but I did love going to see the Indians play.


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    1. it is a beautiful city; there’s so many places to visit, andnot enough time! we are looking forward to living in Singapore early next year for a couple of months…


      1. Singapore is a lovely place, but you may find it too warm, I guess. The places of attraction are the Singapore River, Zoo, Bird park and Gardens by the Bay. If you bring toddlers, they are sure to enjoy:)


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