I Can’t Even…

For a certain type of attention-seeker, startling pattern combos are the latest “more is more” styling trick. From left, zigzags (pleasantly evocative of Charlie Brown’s shirt) mixed with cartoonish cars at Dolce & Gabbana; a very boho duo by Etro; foliage and flowers made for a wearable nature scene at Dries Van Noten; Louis Vuitton’s layered tunic; patchwork panache at Ermenegildo Zegna.

Long-time readers of my blog (i.e., my wife and children) will likely recognize where this photo comes from.

For the rest of you, this photo was featured in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal, in its most recent story about men’s fashion.

This post marks the fifth one I’ve written about the crazy men’s fashion stories that have appeared in the Wall Street Journal over the past few years.

As always, I can’t imagine wearing any of the clothing that has appeared in these stories, let alone pay the outrageous prices associated with such attire.

As always, I have to ask “Who wears this stuff?” I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone wear anything close to such outfits shown in the photo above.

Here are some more of the fashion photos from the Wall Street Journal:

Several designers experimented with anoraks, the hoodie’s often pocket-packed outerwear sibling. From left, a sandy shell at Stella McCartney; Prada’s color-blocked pop-on; a lengthy landscape-printed pullover by Valentino; a soft sea-foam-green option at Hermès; Salvatore Ferragamo ’s subtly sheer windbreaker.
The oh-so-’80s T-shirt and blazer combo has roared back. Detective Sonny Crockett would definitely approve. From top, a punch of pattern by Giorgio Armani; Acne’s clean and lean look; an advanced tritone outfit by E. Tautz.
Single-shade outfits were a recurring theme and those in poppy primary colors left the strongest impression. From top, blueberry uniformity at Craig Green; Ami’s risqué red get-up; lively lemony tailoring from Ralph Lauren Purple Label.

And if wasn’t bad enough having to see these pictures in one of my favorite newspapers, my sister sent me this photo through Facebook yesterday:

My simple one-word response to her was “Never.”

And it’s the same response I have to all the outfits shown above, and I’m sure it’s the same response I’ll have to all future WSJ stories on fashion.

But at least it’s good material for my blog.


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