Was This a Sign That I Should Retire?

It was my first class of the day; 8:00 am. I was ready. It was a topic I had taught dozens of times: Management and Leadership. I had prepped for the class a few days prior, updating my material to make it as current as possible. One of the things I like to do in … Continue reading Was This a Sign That I Should Retire?

The Magic of Compounding – Start Early

Remember that time is money. - Ben Franklin, Advice to a Young Tradesman, 1748 To prove what Franklin meant about the time value of money, let's use an example, one that pays homage to Franklin. Another famous saying of Franklin's is "A penny saved is a penny got." Imagine someone took Franklin's advice, and took … Continue reading The Magic of Compounding – Start Early

Human Energizer Bunnies

I was reading the paper today, and there was a great story about Judy Collins, of "Both Sides Now" and "Send in the Clowns" fame. I was shocked to read that she is 75 years old! But quoting from the story: "(she) is still as enthusiastic about making music as she was in her heyday. … Continue reading Human Energizer Bunnies