Practicing, Not YouTubing, Makes Perfect

This post may seem a bit odd coming just one day after I wrote about the controversy surrounding behavioral economist, Dan Ariely. While I personally don't think it looks good for Dan, I'm hoping it's an isolated incident and it doesn't negate all the other research he has done. Plus, people are supposed to be … Continue reading Practicing, Not YouTubing, Makes Perfect

My Muscle Memory Has Faded Away

One of the presents Santa gave me this year (after a couple of not so subtle hints) was a Rubik's Cube. I used to have a Rubik's Cube a few years ago and had spent a full week memorizing how to solve it. After thousands of attempts, I finally got to the point where I … Continue reading My Muscle Memory Has Faded Away

When the Teacher Becomes the Student

Don't worry, this isn't any sort of New Age, zen-like post about teaching. It's literally about when a teacher (me) becomes a student (me, again). This semesterĀ I am teaching four sections of Introductory Financial Accounting, the bane of many students' existence. I tell them that the course is challenging; for many of them it may … Continue reading When the Teacher Becomes the Student