Research Suggests Help for Loneliness

In today's Wall Street Journal, Susan Pinker shares the results of a 2019 study led by Lauren Powell, now a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Pennsylvania. The study looked at whether getting a dog improved the owner’s activity level, cardiovascular health, and psychological state. On the physical side, owning a dog did not seem … Continue reading Research Suggests Help for Loneliness

Where’s the Empathy?

Today's Wall Street Journal had a story about the loneliness epidemic among the elderly, a topic I've written about a few times. This article profiled a few people who are experiencing loneliness: Danny Miner, a 66-year-old retired chemical plant supervisor, spends most days alone in his Tooele, Utah, apartment, with “Gunsmoke” reruns to keep him … Continue reading Where’s the Empathy?

Loneliness and Sleep Deprivation

I've written a few times about the loneliness epidemic that has become a major health issue not just in the U.S., but around the world: A Solution to the Isolation Epidemic? One Is the Loneliest Number ‘There I was, alone, with all these people around.’ Some Keys to Longevity Social isolation and loneliness have been associated … Continue reading Loneliness and Sleep Deprivation