My Favorite Moment from the Inauguration Ceremonies

There were many highlights from the past couple of days of inauguration ceremonies, including the performances by Bruce Springsteen, Katy Perry, and Amanda Gorman. But I think my favorite was a simple tweet from President Joe Biden:

The Third Time Is a Charm

I just finished watching President-Elect Joe Biden's speech from Wilmington, Delaware. I thought it was a wonderful speech; inspirational, emotional, and optimistic. I wish him and Kamala Harris the best of luck. Here is the full text of the speech, as prepared for delivery (the video is at the end): My fellow Americans, the people … Continue reading The Third Time Is a Charm

Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

This post is in response to a comment from a fellow blogger, Margy, on my recent post, "This Is What Good Neighbors Look Like." Here's part of her comment: "By the way, have you ever blogged about this President's administration's achievements?" Here was my response: Margy, your comment really made me think. I’ve just spent … Continue reading Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

The Bradley Effect and the Spiral of Silence

A few days ago I wrote about a phenomenon known as the Streisand Effect. According to Wikipedia, the Streisand Effect is an example of psychological reactance, wherein once people are aware that some information is being kept from them, they are significantly more motivated to access and spread that information. After that post, my wife told … Continue reading The Bradley Effect and the Spiral of Silence