The Wright Attitude

It's been quite a run for Villanova Men's Basketball Coach, Jay Wright. In 2016, he won the NCAA ChampionshipIn 2018, he won the NCAA ChampionshipEarlier this summer, he was one of the coaches for the USA Men's team that an Olympic Gold medalA month ago he was elected to the Basketball Hall of Fame You … Continue reading The Wright Attitude

Coach Jay Wright and the Stonecutter

Tonight was the annual talk by Coach Jay Wright to our business school freshmen. As always, Coach Wright was inspirational, sharing his thoughts on leadership, teamwork, hard work, and positive attitude. I thought one story he told was particularly powerful, that of the stonecutter. When I came home later I looked to see if I … Continue reading Coach Jay Wright and the Stonecutter

Next Play, Next Play

After a turnover, a bad call, a missed shot, or a lapse in judgement, Coach Jay Wright is always telling his players, "next play, next play." The mantra is meant to help his players forget about what just happened, and to just focus on the present. You hear golf announcers saying that the best players … Continue reading Next Play, Next Play

It’s the Little Things

Villanova's men's basketball coach Jay Wright is a national figure, well known for his movie star looks, his stylish suits, his composed demeanor, and his thoughtful interviews. His players have had great success both on and off the court. Currently the team is ranked 6th in the nation, and for the past two years has … Continue reading It’s the Little Things