Get Ready for Some Gramming*

I just finished reading a fascinating book (No Filter by Sarah Frier) about the history of Instagram, and it motivated me to start posting to my Instagram account. I had made a post to Instagram several years ago, but then I somehow lost my account info since I never used it, so I had to … Continue reading Get Ready for Some Gramming*

Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction: Old-World Charm

Here is another attempt at “flash fiction“, writing a 99-word blog post in response to a prompt. The prompt this week is “old-world charm“: In 1494, Luca Pacioli, a Franciscan friar, wrote one of the first published descriptions of double-entry bookkeeping. He described journals, ledgers, year-end closing entries, and proposed that a trial balance be used … Continue reading Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction: Old-World Charm