If You Could Invent a New Holiday, What Would It Be?

The idea for this post comes from a recent blog post from Seth Godin:

It doesn’t have to last all day–it could be for an hour or even a month.

How would you celebrate it? Who else needs to be part of it?

It’s a symbol, a marker, a chance for conversation. It can amplify culture, give you a chance to have a conversation and allow you and the people around you to focus on something for a short while.

And it might catch on. This is the way just about every widespread holiday came to be.

So I tried to come up with some possibilities:

  • International Blogger Day – people around the world would be encouraged to read, like, comment, and follow a blog. The suggested starting point would be jborden.com
  • World Juggling Day -oops, too late, it already exists
  • Guinness Happy Hour – everyone in the world, at 5:00 pm Dublin, Ireland time on March 17, would drink a pint of Guinness.  For thinking of such a day, Guinness would offer me a free, lifetime supply of Guinness.
  • International Preschool Teacher Day – all preschools around the world would be closed and the teachers would be given the day off. Sales of wine would also increase dramatically among parents of preschoolers on such a day.
  • WordPress Stat Day – every WordPress blogger would share an interesting stat from their blog.
  • Thank an Accounting Teacher Day – anyone who has ever taken an accounting course would take a moment to thank, in cash, an accounting teacher. For those interested, I will share my Venmo account info.
  • Borden Day – any person with the last name of Borden would be given free meals and entertainment throughout the day, up to a limit of $10,000 for the day.
  • Trinity Day – a day to celebrate those individuals who blog, juggle, and teach accounting
  • Swap Your Home Day – people living in beachfront homes must trade their house for a day with whoever asks first

Of course, the possibilities for a new holiday are limitless.

But before everyone gets carried away, let’s just start with the few listed above and see how it goes…

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65 thoughts on “If You Could Invent a New Holiday, What Would It Be?

  1. Now that I’m retired, I don’t like holidays much. I want the working class to kiss my ass, and keep working. Workers of the world must be productive, 24/7, so they’ll keep making the things I want to buy, with my pension money. No days off.

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      1. Borden showing off his sports knowledge. Karl “The Mailman” Malone—one of the great players and nicknames in sports. He was a guy who always brought it. Most people are surprised to learn that he is #2 on the all-time scoring list behind Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (though LeBron James may pass him this year). He scored more than Jordan, Kobe, and Wilt. (That fact should win you a bar bet.) Despite the unstoppable duo that he and John Stockton were with the Utah Jazz, they never won a championship.

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  2. i’d be the first to embrace ‘barefoot, glitter, flamin’ hot cheetos day, ‘we would celebrate the end of this special day by meeting up in a large tree for a surprise ‘go, dog, go style’ party. or does this holiday already exist?

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  3. I invented S+4 years ago. The idea is to celebrate solstice on Christmas Day. Sort of an alternative to Christianity. One of the taglines was “taking Christmas back from the Christians”

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      1. We’ll yes. S+4 is treated much like Christmas, but my kids revolted and it died a slow death. I made some window stickers with the S+4 logo and a few cars drove around Gettysburg for a several years.

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  4. You triggered a memory: I think Guiness sort of did that. It was a 1 time event. I think they were setting a world record. I remember that you had to register for it. I didn’t participate and can’t find any info.

    And, wow/duh… I just put together that the collection of world records is by Guiness!!

    Quick google revealed National Beer Day, International Beer Day, and National Beer Lover’s Day… all with different dates.

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