Uneventful Day Leads to Uneventful Blog

I can’t believe you’re still reading this. Wasn’t the title enough of a warning?

Today was about as uneventful as a day could get. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind such days. But it does make it hard to write anything interesting.

So let’s see. here was my day:

  • an easy 30-minute workout on my recumbent bike
  • shoveled a little bit of snow (by the way, it is much much nicer having a blacktop driveway as compared to concrete)
  • did a little bit of blogging activity, like responding to comments and reading blogs
  • made myself a green smoothie
  • did some more blogging activity
  • completed a couple of student recommendations
  • answered some work-related emails
  • had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich
  • watched an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm
  • answered some more emails
  • did some more blogging stuff
  • picked my son up from work (yes, I actually left the house for about 10 minutes)
  • watched the Villanova basketball game (they won!)
  • had some pasta for dinner
  • watched The Tender Bar (it was wonderful)

There you go, my apologies if you read this far…

*image from D1SoftballNews

76 thoughts on “Uneventful Day Leads to Uneventful Blog

    1. the concrete driveway had sections and cracks in it, so the shovel would constantly hit those cracks and you often would not get much snow on the shovel. plus, the sun does a much better job of melting the snow on the blacktop than it ever did on the concrete…

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  1. Doesn’t sound like a bad day. They all can’t be exciting. We enjoyed a the Tender Bar as well. I did keep wondering whether they used technology to make some actors appear younger and slimmer. It is being used more and more often these days.

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    1. we just got a blacktop driveway for the first time in 35 years of living at our house. it is so much better with the snow.

      and fortunately, the students who usually ask for recommendations are students you know fairly well and are good students…

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  2. Well, you did more than my hubby did, mind you he did take Greg to get his photographs taken for his driver’s license test this coming week. I had a busy day. I wrote for 2.5 hours, I blogging a bit and I made beef bourguingnon for dinner and chocolate brownies for Michael’s birthday today.

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  3. did you cut the crusts off? you may have to hire a color commentator. I like days like this, where you don’t have a commitment to doing any certain thing, just kind of ‘this and that’ your way through the day. ps – I loved ‘tender bar!’

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    1. usually I like my PB&J on multigrain bread, sliced diaginally with smooth peanut butter and grape jelly. Yesterday I had to settle for using a hamburger roll because we were out of bread. I hope you are impressed with my ability to adapt…

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    1. I’m retired and unmotivated at the moment, which is pretty much how I’ve been for the last 6 months at least! The upshot of this status is that the day you had is like most of mine! I don’t even bother to get dressed on most days even though I never have the excuse of being “snowed-in” where I live in sunny So Cal.

      And thanks for the previously unknown info re shoveling concrete vs. asphalt driveways. My mom’s house, where I am now living alone since her recent passing, has a very long and ugly asphalt drive. Based on my own experience after having a wide new concrete driveway poured in front of my last house here, a long drive with a bunch of (unexpected and random and therefore not very attractive) cracks might be even uglier!


      1. that’s how I plan to spend a lot of my days when I am retired! and how nice to be living in sunny So Cal. I have cousins who live in Huntington Beach and Vista – it is beautiful out there and the weather is wonderful…

        I am not sure what our asphalt driveway will be like in a few years, but it seems like my neighbors have always had it much easier over the past several years when it came to shoveling their driveway. But at least you don’t have that concern!


  4. Well your day was more exciting than mine. Though if you would have met some talking animals that would have put an extra dose of excitement in your day. Its my weekend to work so thafs my excitement. πŸ™‚

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      1. It is actually a BBC show, filmed on a place like Old Sturbridge Village. People bring in family treasures to be repaired, and they do wonders. If you like Antiques Roadshow, this is better. It’s on the Discovery Channel.

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