Thumbs Down On This Year’s British Christmas Adverts

This is a post I’ve always looked forward to writing each year since I began this blog in 2015.

Somehow I had discovered the wonderful Christmas adverts which the British retailers come out with every year, and I would write a post that featured my favorite ones.

In previous years I could usually count on John Lewis to have a good to great ad, and more recently on Hafod Hardware.

But I thought this year’s John Lewis ad was underwhelming, and Hafod did not make one this year.

And when I viewed all the other retailers’ ads for this holiday season, nothing caught my fancy, and so I have opted not to play any of them.

But rather than being a Scrooge, I thought I would replay my favorite John Lewis ad, from 2014. This one featured Monty the Penguin.

The video had close to 19 million views, and created a Monty the Penguin commercial frenzy. A Monty stuffed animal sold out, but there were also books, ties, onesies, slippers, home furnishings such as tablecloths and napkins available. Upon purchase, these goods were popped into beautifully designed Monty-themed shopping bags that were seen throughout the high street, to ensure Monty was the icon of Christmas 2014.

I hope next year’s ads return to their usual brilliance…

*image from Express

75 thoughts on “Thumbs Down On This Year’s British Christmas Adverts

  1. That was delightful. I think you and Clive turned me on to the Hafod Hardware commercials. Those were always done so well.

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  2. I agree with you, Jim, about the other ads. I remember Monty. ❀ When Tom announced that Hafod Hardware wasn't doing an ad this year, I understood, but it feels like something is missing. I went back and watched their old ones. They are not too far from us, so we will visit them when things have settled down. Xx

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  3. I think it was a wise move to share Monty again. This year’s John Lewis ad is dire, and I have yet to see a good one from anyone else. They are almost as bad as the tv shows they interrupt…

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