Happy Friday! It’s Deeming Day!

Despite what the calendar says, today was Friday.

At least it was at my college, Villanova University.

Our course schedule has three options for class meetings:

  • Monday-Wednesday-Friday for 50 minutes
  • Tuesday-Thursday for 75 minutes,
  • Monday-Wednesday for 75 minutes.

In order to ensure that there are equal class contact hours among the varying class schedules, there is typically a need to adjust the schedule at the end of the semester.

That adjustment took place today, on what is often referred to as “deeming day”.

Instead of attending their normal Tuesday classes, students attended classes as if it was their Friday class schedule.

In other words, today was deemed a Friday.

By doing so, all three of the class schedules noted above will end the semester this week having met for a total of 2,100 minutes (forty-two 50 minute classes or twenty-eight 75 minute classes).

So to celebrate the early start to the weekend, I’d thought I’d share one of the most popular, and unpopular, music videos of all time. Feel free to stop listening at any time…

*image from MemeGenerator

53 thoughts on “Happy Friday! It’s Deeming Day!

    1. unfortunately the weekend was cut short because when I woke up today, it was Wednesday.

      it’s too bad that YouTube no longer shows the number of dislikes on its videos; this one had several million. But I’d happily trade 158 million views for a couple million dislikes. I am sure she made some decent money from the video…

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    1. I did play the beginning of the song one Friday morning in class; I am sure it was the highlight of the class for the students. which says something about my lectures…


  1. I love Fridays as we have a food truck visit the office on Fridays. Sadly, I stood outside my entire lunch hour and he never showed up. I guess it wasn’t Friday for everyone. Happy Deeming Day, my friend!

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  2. I somehow managed to go my whole life (to this point) without knowing this song existed. I couldn’t make it through the whole video, but I suspect the song will be lingering in my head for hours anyway. Sigh.

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    1. I’m sorry I put you through that. But at least you’ll know to avoid it in the future. I believe at one point is was the most disliked song on YouTube, but then a Justin Bieber song surpassed it. Unfortunately, YouTube no longer reveals such numbers…

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      1. As I said when you posted about it recently, I think it was a mistake on YouTube’s part to remove the β€˜dislike’ figure. I checked this one out: it has 157m views (!) but I wonder how many of those hit the dislike button? I’m hoping it was somewhere above 156m. I also think we should be shown those figures with an age breakdown, as I’m guessing the only age group that would have a net positive figure is the under 8s…

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      2. I’d happily trade 156 million views for all thos dislikes.

        and the video came out 10 years ago, so those 8-year olds you mention are in my class this semester, and I played the song for them once this semester. I think I saw a few smiles around the room πŸ™‚

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