Music Monday: When Memes Collide

My youngest son asked Alexa to play a song the other day, Ocean Man, and it is one of those songs that I immediately liked. I asked him how he found out about the song and he told me it was part of a meme that featured different songs set to the footage of another band, Harm’s Way, in concert,

Here is the meme my son was talking about:

The band featured in the video, Harm’s Way, is an American straight edge hardcore punk band from Chicago, Illinois, formed in 2006. The band started as a side project, but ended up becoming a more serious and full-time band in their later years. (FYI: straight edge is a subculture of hardcore punk whose adherents refrain from using alcohol, tobacco and other recreational drugs).

The song they are dancing to is Infestation, and that is the song that has led to dozens of memes. Here is the song Footloose paired up with Harm’s Way:

And at the same time, the song Ocean Man by Ween, has become a popular meme in its own right, serving as the background music for multiple video clips.

Here is Ocean Man paired up with clips from Castaway with Tom Hanks:

Ween is an American rock band from New Hope, Pennsylvania, formed in 1984 by Aaron Freeman and Mickey Melchiondo, better known by their respective stage names, Gene and Dean Ween. Generally categorized as an alternative rock band, the band are known for their highly eclectic catalog of songs inspired by funk, soul, country, gospel, prog, psychedelia, R&B, heavy metal, punk rock, and countless more.

If you’d like to see their full version of the song Ocean Man performed live, here you go:

And finally, to bring this full circle, here is the original song, Infestation, that Harm’s Way is dancing to:

So there you have it. Two songs that each launched their own memes, and then someone had the brilliant idea to combine into one meme, shown here once again:

64 thoughts on “Music Monday: When Memes Collide

  1. Harm’s Way is right! Their dancing is pretty violent. Maybe recreational drugs or meds would be a good idea. 😄 Thanks for the introduction to straight edge rock. Learning about new music genres makes me feel “hip” for a little while.

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  2. Not really my deal, and I like many different types of music, but that’s part of the beauty of music. Dancing like Harm’s way?—probably not going to happen. I can pull a muscle rolling over in bed. I hate to think about what that would do to my body.🤣

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  3. Musical tastes amuse me. I noped out on Ocean Man after about 45 seconds. But I know most people would nope out on my tastes too.

    fyi only: the meme doesn’t display in the wp reader but is visible in web view.

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    1. I kind of liked Ocean Man, but the song from Harm’s Way does nothing for me.

      Thanks for the info on the meme not playing; not sure what I can do about that…


  4. That’s a great song- I’ve heard people use it on IG. I’ve been hearing a lot of cool songs I didn’t know about on IG through memes and reels and it’s been super fun!

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  5. Reminiscent of what we used to call stoney-vision. Playing the TV with the sound off and loud music on the stereo. Amazing how often they sync up. I think you’ve just proved that you can mosh to anything. Even Footloose.

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  6. I’m afraid these left me completely cold. The memes seemed pointless and the Ocean Man song has to be one of the most boring I’ve heard in ages. Sorry!

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      1. True, and usually written by people who can’t spell 😊

        No problem, it would be boring if we all liked the same music. It just didn’t do anything for me, I’m afraid.

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      2. proper spelling is optional in memes, and in my posts 🙂

        Now I’m not saying I’ll go out of my way to listen to Ocean Man again, but it’s one of the few new songs I’ve heard over the years that I enjoyed…

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      3. Their new one for Auld Lang Syne? Pretty impressive and a bit different from their first go at it. Should have done it without the harnesses though 😉

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      4. I don’t have a head for heights so couldn’t have done it. Masses of red tape, I expect, but good publicity for the city too. At least they didn’t take Joel’s drum kit outside…

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  7. Anything music is a good thing! Kids love music, and so do adults. It feeds the soul. I will spare you my stories of being a wedding dancer (true), but I am passionate about bringing music into my classroom.

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      1. Oh, music is a huge part of my classroom. Kids need music, for a host of reasons. As to a wedding dancer… do you remember in the movie “Field of Dreams” when Kevin Coster said to James Earl Jones, “It’s a long story, but a really good one”? Those words are true. I know our fellow blogger Sally has posted about my wedding dancing, which of course is all music.

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      2. Tomorrow I meet the new children and their parents. The ice breaker and something everyone loves is music. We will sing loud, and children will want to come back to school.

        After my wedding dancer story (mostly music), Sally and Debby and I know we would be dangerously fun while dancing and singing. It started when my friends knew I always wanted to be Aretha Franklin’s back-up singer…

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      3. Well, not always planning ahead! We took the video for parents, since they can’t come into the classroom due to Covid, and I thought it would work in a post. Have I written anything yet? Of course not! 😅

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      4. my wife had a zoom session with her new parents this week, which used to be in person. And even though you may not have written anything yet, at least you know what it will be. For me, that’s 90% of the battle, coming up with something to write about…

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