One More Reason to Love the Nextdoor App

This is at least my sixth post that mentions the wonderful Nextdoor app, and this one may be the best of them all.

If you are not familiar with this app/website, Nextdoor is a hyperlocal Facebook/Craigslist/community type bulletin board, where neighbors can ask around for babysitting services, advice on choosing a plumber, or making an announcement about a community meeting.

Here is the post that captured my attention last week (edited a bit to protect the identities involved):

Looking for a Lamborghini: So, my son turns *** years old on the *** and he’s been dying to see a Lamborghini in person. We live in ******* and it’s not a common occurrence. Any suggestions on where I might be able to make this happen without a far drive? Unfortunately, the NJ dealer doesn’t have any in inventory and the new dealership in *** isn’t open yet.

The post generated 85 comments, with many offering great suggestions as to how this young man could see a Lamborghini up close and personal.

But the most useful response was the following:

I got in touch with my **** who works for **** (a local exotic sports car dealer) who is more than happy to help make this happen for your son. There are 2 Lambo’s there right now. Call ***** tomorrow @***.***.****

And then a few days later, the original poster followed up with this:

Thank you ******!!! Your ******* came through like a champ and made my son’s year. **** took for him a ride and my son said he had to pinch himself since he thought he was dreaming. He said he had to yawn, but didn’t because he was was embarrassed since he was driving in a “Lambo”. Thank you so much for hooking us up. ****** is super nice. We’ll never forget this day. Great experiences = great memories.

Who would have thought that Nextdoor could be used to make a young man’s birthday wish come true.

And here is a screen capture just before they pulled out onto the highway (which also highlights my amazing photo-editing skills):

Well done to all involved…

72 thoughts on “One More Reason to Love the Nextdoor App

  1. That would be fun to ride in a Lambo. You must have some pretty nice neighbors, to make that happen for the kid. Can you tell your neighbors I’d like to ride in a Lambo, too?

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      1. I actually met Elon at a wedding down in Playa del Carmen a few years ago. But I wouldn’t exactly say that we became best buds. 🙂 My putting in a good word for you would likely not score you a ticket.

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      1. I got a chance to ride in a Tesla briefly a few weeks ago. The driver showed off its acceleration. My Chevy Volt is electric and it has amazing pickup, certainly compared to standard internal combustion cars. But the Tesla was equally more impressive than my Volt, as the Volt is over an ICE. It was AMAZING !

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      2. The one I rode in was the base model S, but with the extended range. However, it was not the “performance” model S. Driver said it would do 0-60 in 3.5 seconds but that the performance version would be closer to 3.0. I imagine the pricier model 3’s, with the performance package, can do better than that. Whatever, the one I rode in was significant. I was thrown back in my seat and I actually felt a bit light headed for a second.

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      3. Not that big a deal to me, either. I drive very conservatively now with my Volt. But I love that my Volt has that capability on the rare occasion it would be helpful. I think the Tesla is overkill, personally. But damn, it sure is something!

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  2. Always good to get to know your neighbours.
    Wasn’t too keen on Next Door at first because it took over a website I belonged to and preferred – can’t remember exactly what it was called now – StreetLife maybe? It’s come of age since then – useful for putting out the alert for lost dogs and cats and for hearing where cars are being broken into in the area.

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  3. We have Nextdoor here too. Unfortunately most of the posts I see on it are from people moaning about something – nothing anywhere near as good as this!

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  4. I love it too, for a variety of reasons, lost turtle wandering neighborhood, wild turkeys on the loose, everything you ever wanted to know about wheatbix and more (a 6. month string that turned hilarious! )

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  5. What a cool story, Jim. We had a neighborhood app in CA, but it was so boring, something like, the garbage man was late this week, or the local food store has carrots on sale for the next month. I’m glad yours was more interesting than mine.

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      1. Definitely. The man on Road 200 was found dead in his home. There’s no report of forced entry, but the police have ruled out the family. If you live on Road 200, please be aware of any suspicious behavior your neighbors may be exhibiting. That wouldn’t be boring, but a little disconcerting, I’d say.

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      2. You know I’m joking, right? Although we did have someone across the creek that was killed by a drug dealer for not measuring up to par. There were some grisly things that happened there as anywhere.

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      3. LOL, Jim. More drama! You are probably right, though. It reminds of my grandpa who sat in his recliner all day and watched the neighborhood. He knew everyone’s comings and going. If he’d been alive today maybe he’d be running the website. 🙂

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  6. Next Door definitely tends to grow on you. My wife was the first one to really follow it here in the suburban Albuquerque New Mexico area. But I will confess that most posts on it deal with lost or abandoned animals, or a neighbor often ragging about another neighbor’s behavior. But that is not all. I have gotten some excellent recommendations for contractors, including one for an in-home dog trainer for our new dog Olivia. I also put the word out that an animal shelter and adoption organization for which I volunteer was looking for someone to work with cat adoptions at a local Petsmart. We got a bunch of applications from Next Door neighbors and one was hired quite quickly and has turned out great.

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