Fake Bomb Threats: Post Number Two

I hope this does not become a regular feature on my blog, sharing the most recent outlandish bomb threat that someone makes (and that someone is usually a guy).

A couple of years ago I wrote about how a 23-year old man in France called police about a bomb possibly being on a flight from Lyon to Rennes. The reason for the fake threat was that the young man’s parents were on the flight, and he did not want them to visit him. The plane had to turn around in mid-air and return to Lyon, but no bomb was discovered.

I think the latest one I read about is possibly even crazier.

A 42-year old Iowa man allegedly threatened to blow up a local McDonald’s restaurant and punch an employee over a missing condiment. Apparently, he didn’t get any sauce to go with his Chicken McNuggets. I wonder if he would have had the same reaction if he got the sauce but was missing the McNuggets.

This latest story also mentioned another bomb threat, one I had not heard of before.

In November 2018, a New Orleans man was accused of threatening to blow up a local restaurant, but he told police he was referring to a bowel movement. The man went into the restaurant and headed toward the food preparation area, asking a manager what time the place closed. The man then said: “Y’all about to close right now because I’m going to get a bomb and blow this place up.” The man later police that he had told an employee at the restaurant that he was going to “ ‘blow the bathroom up,’ in reference to a bowel movement,”

I’ve heard of explosive diarrhea, and announcing that you have it while at a restaurant may be a good way to clear the place out. No need to resort to a fake bomb threat…

As you see, all three suspects were men. Just saying…



62 thoughts on “Fake Bomb Threats: Post Number Two

      1. People are just plain crazy! I mean, did that one guy who didn’t want his parent’s to visit think that perhaps he could have gone away and simply not been home when his parent’s got there???

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  1. It’s amazing how sensitive people are to bomb threats. I’ll bet comedians have been arrested prior to performing a gig at a comedy club, because they worried out loud that they were going to bomb. I guess it’s best to never use the b-word in public.

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  2. Just before coming over here to Borden’s Blather I saw a headline in the New York Times titled: “America is Getting Meaner.” I’m convinced that is true … meaner and stupider. Sigh.

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    1. Jill a headline that said “America is getting Nicer” wouldn’t sell as many papers.
      There are still numerous NICE people around, just depends what you want to see.
      Now as far as America getting stupider….wellll….you may have a point there! Betsy needs to knock some sense into them! 🙂

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      1. No, it wouldn’t sell as many papers, and I don’t think it would be accurate, either. Yes, there are numerous nice and good people out there, but … the level of hatred has increased steadily over the past decade, the divisiveness of this nation is at an all-time high. Sigh. Yep, send Betsy on over … too bad there’s not a whole flock (okay, cows aren’t a flock, what are … oh … a herd!) a whole herd of Betsys!

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      2. I’d agree that there has been an increased level of tension in the U.S. over the past several years. But Joe Biden seems like the ideal President for such a time. If he can’t help calm things down, I am not sure who can…

        Well, except for maybe Betsy…

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  3. Partly I want to laugh, and part of me wants to shake my head. I don’t consider bomb threats a funny matter, but something about a person making a threat because he didn’t want his parents to visit is comical.

    I couldn’t help but think of the networks’ reactions to sporting events when some yahoo runs onto the field or court. They don’t show it, which I think is the appropriate response since showing it probably encourages other intellectually challenged people to follow suit. Perhaps it’s best if the news didn’t give much attention to bomb threats for similar reasons.

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    1. I was torn on whether to write about this, but it was just too outrageous to pass up. Plus I had to get the line in about explosive diarrhea…

      and yes, the less publicicty these yahoos get, the better… (although I guess my writing about it is giving them publicity…)

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  4. I think Pete makes a great point about not giving this kind of news too much attention for fear it encourages others in their idiocy. But I will admit I find this type of news somewhat entertaining in a comical sense and horribly sad in another.

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    1. yes, your two words capture it well – comical and sad. maybe this will be my last post about such a topic; I don’t want to add to the publicity that such idiots are getting…

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    1. my guess is that the stats would be overwhelmingly tilted towards men. and yes, I think there is a lot of truth about what the world would be like if women ran it…

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  5. Wow! But I do have to share a related incident that I still find hard to believe actually happened. one morning last year, somewhere in Ontario a man walked into a restaurant, but was told that the restaurant is still closed. In protest he pulled down his pants and defecated on the restaurant floor then left. What?!? How is it possible that something like this will even enter your brain as something to do…I’m sorry, but I had to get this image out of my head somehow.

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    1. that is bizarre; our small town had a similar incident where a video camera caught someone defecating underneath the stairwell at the local library.

      what is wrong with people!!??

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