Our Switch to YouTube TV

About a month ago, the Borden family made a big decision. We canceled our FIOS TV subscription and switched over to YouTube TV.

The biggest benefit, to me at least, is the cost savings. It looks like the move will save us between $400-500 per year.

Other benefits, from the YouTube TV website, include:

  • 85 channels
  • no annual contract
  • NFL, NBA, and MLB networks
  • PBS, BET, Comedy Central, MTV, and Nickelodeon
  • Unlimited cloud DVR storage space, with rewind, fast forward, and pause capability
  • three simultaneous streams and six accounts per household
  • $0 installation fee

We’ve tried it on our Samsung SmartTV, an iPad, an iPhone,   Amazon FireTV, and a Roku device and it worked flawlessly on each one. It is also quite easy to set up and use.

It’s also nice knowing that we are no longer tied to a cable box, and no longer paying the monthly rental fees associated with those cable boxes.

We still use FIOS for our Internet service, since we have always been happy with it. We also liked our FIOS TV service, but not enough to justify an extra $400-500 a year in costs.

P.S. I am not earning any fee from Google for writing this favorable review of YouTube TV. But if they want to pay me one, I wouldn’t say no.

P.P.S. This is the kind of post I write when it’s getting late, and I couldn’t find anything interesting to write about. I never promised that you would get Bill Shakespeare every night. Or any night for that matter…


37 thoughts on “Our Switch to YouTube TV

  1. Congratulations on your big money savings. I’d like to cut the cord and do something like that, but my wife has a very difficult time with technology. She kind of understands the cable TV remote, so I’m not going to rock the boat and change things. I hope you enjoy your new viewing selections.

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  2. Luckily I delegated all electronic decisions to my wife and children. I am sure I am squandering lots of money but at least I do not know how much. I also get to complain about all their decisions.

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  3. I’m ready to try something else. We bundle through our cable company, but it seems like we have to have them out to our house all the time.

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  4. It’s all a strange world to me – but I’m sure wherever we live we have innumerable ways of accessing magic pictures. A magic being called Virgin supplies lots of television channels, a landline and my WiFi. When I was four my parents rented their first little black and white television set and they just pressed a button to turn it on for the sole BBC channel. Apart from Watch with Mother nothing much was broadcast during the day, then when the BBC thought it was time you went to bed they would play the national anthem and the picture would disappear into a tiny white dot…

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  5. I, too, have been considering a switch, as I watch a ton of money go to my cable company every month. So your info on YouTube TV comes in quite handy. It appears that everything is moving to being a streaming service so I might as well get on board early. Great post, Jim!

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  6. I switched when I moved a couple of years ago. like you, I still use my cable company for internet only. but stream all the rest through Hulu and a few other sources and have saved so much money. my daughters encouraged me to do so, and even my cable company told me what to do to set it up. tech is not my big thing, (to put it mildly) so if I could make it work, anyone could

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    1. Hulu was theother option we looked at, but I knew a couple of people who were using YouTube and they seemed quite happy with it. That was nice of the cable company to help you through the set-up…

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  7. We gave up on tv a few years ago. It was just so expensive and the kids still wanted Netflix and Hulu. The cost of internet in Gettysburg is absurd. I think we’re at $120 per month now. There’s no competition so Comcast just continually raises the price. The only time I miss tv is during the olympics.

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  8. Interesting about utube Tv..but not available outside the US unless you have a VPN and I don’t like them they cause banking problems when you start hiding your location or did for me here…

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      1. It wasn’t for me…so I make do with downloading and live streaming and what I can’t get then I don’t lose sleep over..but it sounds like a good deal for you and maybe they will extend to overseas if they are successful….x

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  9. Good for you Jim. I was looking at the apps instead of the cable. Our cable bill was huge. Now that I’m moving, they offered a hugeeeeeeeee promotion. I took it, and when it runs out in a year, then I shall probably do the same as you. 🙂

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