Music Monday: Nashville’s Charly Reynolds

Once again I am grateful to Coti Howell of the Nashville Noise for introducing me to Charly Reynolds in one of her recent posts. Coti also introduced me to the amazing band MAMADEAR, one of my favorite new artists of the past 10 years or so.

Here is a brief intro to the interview Coti recently did with Charly:

Charly Reynolds is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter with a talent that’s well beyond her years. She just released a new single (“Hey Hypocrite”) and it’s her best (so far) so we got to know the woman behind the music, learning about her recent music, what Montgomery Gentry taught her and even her favorite Taylor Swift song.

Here is some background on Charly from her web site:

Reynolds began singing before she could talk and was inspired by Disney movies and Broadway shows from a very early age.  By the time she was a kindergartner, she was singing the National Anthem for her school. As she got a little older, Reynolds found herself listening to Taylor Swift who introduced the then 8 year old to Country music. As they say, “the rest is history” as it was then that Reynolds decided that this was what she wanted to do.

One item that stood out for me is that Charly moved from Florida to Nashville right after she graduated high school. I love to see someone pursuing their dream, and I think this shows Charly’s commitment to wanting to be a singer-songwriter.

And now for the best part, two of her most recent releases.

Half Of It” is a song she wrote during quarantine with her friend Nicole about how it is okay to not have everything in our lives together and how people only see one-half of our lives. There’s also a little bit of commentary on social media mixed in with the lyrics.

The second song is Hey Hypocrite. This song was just released this month and is about someone who says one thing, but then does another. I love the line: Hey hypocrite, you’re killing it…

I think Charly’s got a great voice, and she’s written some wonderful lyrics. I wish her success.

22 thoughts on “Music Monday: Nashville’s Charly Reynolds

  1. To break into the music industry, you have to be a cut above those who are a cut above. I think she has a pretty good voice, and will likely be a fairly decent star in the future.

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  2. Is she mainstream, yet? I don’t follow country music, but my son and wife are big fans. After listening to both songs, I think they’d both like them very much. Sounds a lot like the music we have going on in the car when we travel.

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    1. I don’t think Charly has hit the mainstream yet; hopefully she gets there.

      I’ve become more and more of a fan of country music over the past couple of years. Especially after watching the Ken Burns special on Country Music.

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  3. I’d not heard of her before. I quite liked both of these but she is trying to make her way in an incredibly crowded and competitive market, and will need luck and a supportive record company on her side to stand a chance. I rather like female country singers – if you haven’t listened to her I suggest you try Caroline Jones (I think she’s better 😉).

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    1. I agree; it’s a tough place to stand out. I also like country female singers. I had not heard of Caroline Jones but I just watched All of the Boys, and you are right, she is quite talented. Her voice reminds me a bit of Natalie Maines of The Chicks…

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      1. Try Rise or Country Girl too, she’s very good and is hardly known outside the south. Jimmy Buffett has picked up on her, so hopefully that will help her. I knew her voice reminded me of someone…

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      2. They are, aren’t they. She has a new album out soon, hopefully that will see her hit the big time. Mind you, she has just got engaged so may be a little distracted…

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