Wonder What College Kids Do On a Friday Night These Days?

I fondly remember my Friday nights in college.

There was no studying going on, and there was definitely no scrolling through social media.

It often involved going to a party somewhere, and having a beer or two.

Of course, this was all before Facebook came on the scene, and certainly there were no worries about COVID.

So what exactly do college kids do these days, especially freshmen, who might have trouble getting off campus?

Well, here’s just a glimpse.

Last night, about 9:45, I sent an email to my students letting them know that I had posted their most recent test grade to Blackboard, an online course management system.

Within 20 minutes, 123 students (out of 170) had logged into Blackboard to check their grade.

So apparently that is what college students are doing these days.

They are sitting by their phone, tablet, or laptop, eagerly waiting to receive emails from their professors.

And for some students, I’m sure that checking their grade made for a very happy Friday night, while for others, perhaps not so much.

You may also be thinking, “Who am I to talk? You’re sending out an email on a Friday night.”

And I have no response, except to say that doing so was probably more exciting than how I had spent my previous Friday night, which I can’t even remember how I passed the time.

I’m guessing if this email had been sent two years ago, there would have been just a handful of students who checked their grade (if I was in college today, I probably would have been one of those students). But COVID has kept most students confined to their dorm rooms, with very few entertainment options.

I’m sure the students would gladly pass up checking their test grade on a Friday night if there was something better to do. And it wouldn’t take much.

So here’s to no more Friday nights of teachers sending and students checking emails…

28 thoughts on “Wonder What College Kids Do On a Friday Night These Days?

  1. Nonetheless, they were up at 9:45. A wise and prudent student would be in the sack by 9:00, which is probably where the other 47 were. Also, the 123 unwise students were likely at some secret, wild party and checked their emails with their phones. The ones with the good grades celebrated by drinking pint after pint of heavy lager. The ones with the bad grades drowned their sorrows in pint after pint of heavy lager. They probably all slept in on Saturday, and woke up with bad hangovers.

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  2. There are no secrets left in the world when the professor knows who and who hasn’t checked their grades. 🤣 I might go to the bathroom now, but I’m sure somewhere in America there are stats for how many times a toilet is flushed in one day. I guess that’s called your water bill.🤣

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  3. Jim, you have got it bad, my friend. Now you are obsessing over your email stats. I would like to postulate a different theory. 123 of your students love their accounting courses and have been waiting by the email to see their scores. There were parties to go to, but they were so excited about their grades that they could not be bothered for fear of missing your email. 33 students had done so well on the exams, they knew they gotten good grades and could wait till a more reasonable hours to see their “A”s. Eight of them think they have done so poorly that they are afraid to look at their grades. Four cannot remember their passwords for Blackboard. And, finally, there are two who don’t recall taking your course. Just a theory…😁

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  4. Gone are the days of professors posting the latest exam scores by social security on an old-fashioned bulletin board. I hope my Intro to Sociology exam has been taken down. (a college graduate from 1978)


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