The Goal of This Post is Not to Get People to Read It

The goal is simply to keep my blogging streak alive.

That’s not always the case, but tonight it is.

I looked through my usual sources for blog ideas, but nothing quite appealed to me.

There was a story about a guy who uses physical discomfort—like ice baths—to improve mind and body. But I found it a bit cold.

There was another story about  how to improve one’s sleep. But I got tired of reading it.

So I thought I’d write about something that required no research, fully knowing that no one would really care about the topic.

For the past couple of weeks the Borden family has been on a Michael Douglas film kick.

It started with a Perfect Murder and since then we have watched The Game, Solitary Man, and tonight The Sentinel.

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed each one; I just find that he has such a commanding presence on screen.

And the good part of this kick is that there are still so many Michael Douglas films left to watch, some we have seen before, but a long time ago, and some we have not:

  • Basic Instinct
  • Fatal Attraction
  • Falling Down
  • Wall Street
  • Romancing the Stone
  • Disclosure
  • The China Syndrome
  • King of California

I could go on, but I know there’s no readers left at this point.

But, goal accomplished.


50 thoughts on “The Goal of This Post is Not to Get People to Read It

  1. Michael Douglas has been blessed with a magnificent film career. His role in “The China Syndrome” is a solid role much earlier in his career. He is a proven student of his craft, and being the son of Kirk Douglas hasn’t hurt either.

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  2. Ironman Borden. One of my friends and his wife are big into the swimming in cold water thing for health and mind benefits. Meanwhile, I’ll just take a sip of my beer.

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  3. Long time since I have seen any of his films but several on the list jump out as memorable – there is nothing like a good film.
    Cold water swimming is very popular – lots of people here have taken up wild swimming and freezing dips. Our camera club has Zoom meetings and one advantage is to have speakers who could never come to the church hall. One lady lived by Loch Ness and swims in it every morning – 4 degrees centegrade that day she said.

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    1. If I could get past that initial shock of the cold water perhaps I wouldn’t mind. But I guess that’s the same for everyone. The Loch Ness swimmer sounds pretty tough!

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  4. Well, you have safely kept the streak alive and somehow have come across seeming human. This completely destroys my theory that you were a wonderfully crafted blogging program written by some Villanova Grad student and running on a basement server somewhere in a campus technology center. This post is analogous to a bunt in baseball. It may not get on the highlight reel, but it does get the job done!

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  5. Ooh, the game! I remember that well- he’s had some good ones . Now you can officially continue to call yourself a streaker. P.S. I’m currently on a Hitchcock bender

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  6. I’m still giggling that the post on sleep made you tired.

    I love Michael Douglas. And I read your whole post. Now I’m wondering if there will be a follow-up post where you say which film you liked best.

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  7. “So I thought I’d write about something that required no research, fully knowing that no one would really care about the topic.”

    Hey! How did you get your hands on my blog writing strategy! 😂

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  8. If you get tired of movies, he has a funny series on Netflix called The Kominsky Method. Alan Arkin is also on it. Two seasons so far. Hoping for more when Covid ends and they can get back at it.

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  9. Isn’t Michael Douglas kind of an… asshole? That’s his vibe anyway. Maybe one a year, certainly not two a week. I recall liking Wall Street but mostly because of Charlie Sheen, who of course, is also an asshole.

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  10. Well you accomplished your goal …. kind of … I didn’t read the post …. until now.
    Romancing the Stone! OOOH I had forgotten all about that movie! Great one, and Fatal Attraction.

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