What’s Up with Saturday?

I know I had said I wouldn’t talk about my WordPress stats until about a year from now, but what can I say. I’m weak.

I first noticed this several weeks ago, and didn’t think much of it.

But now it’s getting annoying.

For some reason, unbeknownst to me, my stats on Saturday are almost always the lowest of my week.

I know I’m not doing anything different; I just continue to put out the same blather I always do.

I guess people have more options available to them on Saturday, and each of those options is without doubt more appealing than reading this nonsense.

So I guess I’ll have to accept it; after all, some day has to be the lowest day.

But it did motivate me to write a takeoff on the classic song, Another Saturday Night:

Another Saturday Night and I ain’t got no readers
I just wrote a post and no one cared
Now how I wish someone would visit
Otherwise my stats will be impaired


54 thoughts on “What’s Up with Saturday?

  1. Time to break out the big guns for Saturday and give the people what they wantβ€”posts about tires.πŸ˜‰

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  2. i think that the saturday drop-off is common in the world of blogging, people are sleeping in and happily otherwise engaged in the happy pursuits of weekend life. almost like a mini-vacation

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  3. It may just be indicative of the change in weather. Now with warmer temperatures, Saturday’s may hold some time out of doors that people have been desperate for. I am going to give you credit for going quite a length of time not mentioning your stats. Your readership continues to grow, so I do not think you have anything to worry about. And I am going to count your lyrics as another poem you have written.

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    1. thanks for the possible explanation, Brad. But if people really cared they could be reading my blog on their phone while they are out hiking πŸ™‚

      And if you say it’s a poem, you’re the authority!

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  4. After reading this I checked out my own Saturday stats, and it’s the same, dangit. On Saturdays my followers apparently ditch my blog for better things to do. Maybe we should post twice on Saturdays. Or perhaps do a post on how Saturday is a bad luck day for going outside, but good luck for reading blogs. Or we can lobby Congress to have Saturday removed from the calendar.

    Somehow or another, we have to beat this Saturday curse!

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  5. Hi Jim,

    Why try to compete with rock stars and other celebrities (think Oprah) on numbers of followers?
    What’s most important (at least to me) is who follows a blogger’s posts.
    Sadly on the AECM where I do most of my postings, over 99% of the followers are lurkers who do not reveal themselves by commenting on posts. But the fact that they’re out there keeps me pumped. More importantly I like the dialog interactions with those who do comment on posts.

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  6. I’ve noticed something about Saturday, yesterday infact was my lowest daily views since July 2020. I try now to focus more on weekly, monthly, yearly.

    My guess with Saturday is that maybe people are just doing more online things, or at least things that don’t involve reading.

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  7. I saved it for Monday so go figure…Blame WP I still can’t like directly on a post and it gets waring keep on going backwards and forwards and signing in to comment…Just saying πŸ™‚ Love the connection to your tune :)x

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    1. thanks, Carol; better late than never. My son told me he has the same problem trying to like my posts; not sure what the issue is. it was fun coming up with the lyrics… πŸ™‚


  8. Saturdays are the worst for me too and I think it’s that way for most bloggers. I’m guessing people have other stuff to on Saturdays. Ironically, the weekends are great for social media so I’m busy either way lol!

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