It Can Only Get Better (I Hope)

I’m a fan of motivational books, and one of the mantras that appears in several such books is “Make today better than yesterday”, or put another way, “make tomorrow better than today”.

So today being New Year’s Day, I thought I would give it a shot.

To make it easy on myself, I did absolutely nothing today. I never left the house, never put on my shoes, and in fact, rarely left the couch.

So it shouldn’t be too hard to make tomorrow a better day.

My plan is to at least open the front door and look outside.

And the day after that, I may put one shoe on.

Baby steps…

50 thoughts on “It Can Only Get Better (I Hope)

  1. Maybe by the end of the week, you’ll be showering.🀣 I’m sure some of those books are quite good and written by honest folks, but I also think others try to tap into people’s sensitive areas (e.g., weight loss, money management, relationships.)

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    1. showering by the end of the week may be rushing things a bit.
      I guess people are aloways looking for help in their most vulnerable areas, and you note three of the biggest areas of concetn…

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  2. woah, your pace is way too fast! you skipped ‘look out a window at the outside,’ don’t want you to overdo it and burn yourself out right at the beginning.

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  3. I agree with Beth. You may want to slow your roll young guy. Let’s start with thinking about doing something, before we start running around just doing stuff all willy nilly… This hit home as I don’t think I left the couch much yesterday either!

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  4. You’re going to need to conserve your energy for when you try opening the front door: I’d advise not wasting it by picking up any more of those books – they’re written by charlatans!

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