Music Monday: My Favorite Christmas Songs Countdown

There are only three Mondays in December before Christmas, and I thought I would use those three Mondays to highlight my three favorite Christmas songs, one eah week.

As you could imagine, given that there are so many great Christmas songs, it is tough narrowing it down to just three songs.

And Clive does not make it any easier since he keeps exposing me to more and more. (if you love music, Clive’s blog is a must). How was I supposed to know that Walk Off the Earth has some classic Christmas songs, as do the Dropkick Murphys.

Anyway, thanksfully I had picked my three songs before I started reading Clive’s Christmas selections. And given that these are my three favorite songs, it is no surprise that I have written about them before.

In third place is a beautiful version of my favorite religious-oriented Christmas song, Oh Holy Night by Josh Groban.

I had noted in a blog post last year that looked at various versions of Oh Holy Night that I think Josh Groban has the best voice of any male singer I know.

Here is how one blogger described this performance:

Josh Groban has been wowing the world with his remarkable vocal talent with various performances from his own personal hits to the holiday classic that melt our hearts. This musical prodigy floored packed Rockefeller Center back in 2002 when he passionately gifted the audience with a  performance of “O Holy Night”.

The night was chilled but hearts were warm when Groban began to sing the classic tune surrounded onstage by various holiday props and effects. His voice echoed throughout the venue as fans and audience members helplessly watched, mesmerized by the singer’s performance. Groban seemed exceptionally calm throughout the duration of the song, as if his talent were so incredibly effortless and natural.

Groban’s gradually became louder as the holiday ballad continued, ending his unforgettable performance with a booming finale of mesmerizing vocals and an uproar of cheers and applause. Although this little number is not the singer’s only iconic seasonal performance, we can’t help but deem it as one of the most inspirational.

I couldn’t agree more, and that is why this song makes it into my top three Christmas songs.

Next week: for 10 years this big time rock and roll band put out an original Christmas song for the holidays to raise money to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

30 thoughts on “Music Monday: My Favorite Christmas Songs Countdown

  1. I think “Oh Holy Night” has to be one of the most special Christmas songs. I think it may be my favourite. I have heard so many performances and versions of that song. It really moves the soul. It’s a beautiful piece of music.

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  2. I just heard the Dropkick Murphy’s for the first time today on Clive’s blog. I learn about someone new each day on his blog.

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  3. I would have to think that this song would make it to the top of most people’s list of Christmas songs as it is such a moving composition. But this rendition by Josh Groban is one of my favorites too. He does not try to dazzle with his vocal talent by adding runs and extemporaneous notes. He sings the melody straight as it is written. And the power, tone, and quality of his voice shines through. I agree he makes this look effortless, but that is certainly not the case. He has spent most of his life honing his craft. A great selection for the first post in this holiday music series. Looking forward to what you share next Monday!

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  4. He’s not really my thing, but I can appreciate how good his voice is and how well suited it is to this song. I don’t have a single version of this in my YouTube library, so I took a look at both YouTube and your previous post: not a collection of people who are ever likely to feature in my listening, I’m afraid. My blog is definitely a ‘Mariah Carey free’ zone!

    Many thanks for the kind words and links to my blog, much appreciated – all publicity is welcome!

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    1. I’m not a Mariah Carey fan either, but she has certainly bolstered her career with her Christmas songs. I’m scared to ask if you’re a fan of Bing Crosby. And thank you for all the great music that you put up on your website!

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      1. I featured a meme about her on a Tuesday Tunes post some months ago. It wasn’t complimentary: I prefer my music to be sung, rather than screeched. As for Bing…go on…take a wild guess… (I liked the Road movies, though).

        Thank you for the compliment – I enjoy sharing music, as life without it would be so dull. And I like the power of being in control of what I give people to listen to 😂

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      2. I’ve never really been a fan of any of the crooners, it just isn’t the kind of music I like. But as I said, I did enjoy him in the Road movies, which were a lot of fun.

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