A wonderful ending to a great sitcom

Today, my wife and I watched the final episode of Schitt’s Creek.

It was a wonderful way to end the series and it had me laughing and in tears. What more could you ask for from a TV show?

It would be hard for me to pick a favorite character since they were all so good, so I won’t even try.

So a big thank you to Beth who recommended the show to me and I happily pass that recommendation on to others.

And I also happily recommend Beth’s wonderful blog site, I Didn’t Have My Glasses On.



11 thoughts on “A wonderful ending to a great sitcom

  1. aw, thanks for the shout out, I had hoped you’d like it and the last episode had me laughing and crying so much, I had to take my glasses off. so heartfelt and poignant, not often seen in an episodic comedy.


  2. Beth is full of great suggestions. I am glad you enjoyed the series so much. What is next now that you have a little more time to yourself? And I never miss one of Beth’s posts, they start my day every morning!


  3. I’ve not seen it as it’s only available here on Netflix and I already pay enough for streaming services as it is! Hopefully it will eventually transfer somewhere I can see it, thanks for the tip 😊


  4. Love Schitt’s Creek and Eugene Levy fan. Yes, end of an era, I loved the final show. I was surprised to learn that show was aired in US. 🙂


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