Music Monday: Walk Off the Earth Goes A Capella

I think this is the most current one of my Music Mondays has been. Usually, I am writing about music or events that happened a couple of years ago, or a few decades ago.

Last week, I got a notice that Walk Off the Earth (WOTE) had just posted an a capella version of their newest single, Farther We Go, and I couldn’t wait to share it.

I always thought a capella meant no instruments, but who am I to argue with WOTE. Sarah Blackwood is one of my favorite singers, and in this video she really gets to show off her incredible talent. They team up with another band, the DARENOTS, to create the wonderful video. You can just feel how much joy and fun they had putting it together:

The song itself was released about a month ago, and here’s what the band had to say about the song:

“Our new single ‘Farther We Go’ embraces the magical memories and the innocence of childhood, and encompasses the challenges of being a grown-up. Life is indeed full of challenges and setbacks, but the importance of remaining hopeful and positive through moments of great difficulty is what shapes us as human beings. We really wanted to emphasize this, especially in the current state of the world. It’s the silver lining that allows us to continue to learn and grow, and it’s what brings us together. We want to celebrate how far we’ve come as humans, and how far we still have to go. Let’s use it as motivation to continue bettering ourselves and those around us. ‘We’re getting smarter, the farther and farther we go.’”

There is also an official video to go with the song, and the video tells us a heartwarming story:

and finally, the song also has a lyric video that celebrates the joy and innocence of youth:

One song, three great videos. You can’t go wrong with any of them.

*image from YouTube

27 thoughts on “Music Monday: Walk Off the Earth Goes A Capella

  1. You introduced me to this group with one of your posts. I was amazed when I looked at some of their YouTube videos, many with over a million views, and realized I did not know about something so popular.

    Since then, I’ve gone back and looked at nearly all their videos. They are always filled with joy and creativity. This song is no exception. While I like all of the three videos, I love the story shown in the second one.

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    1. I took a brief glance at yours, but what a coincidence, especially that we included all three videos – it was hard to pick a favorite. I’ll check out your other videos in a little while. But I did see Bruce and the Chicks, so I know it’s going to be a good one…

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  2. I loved the acapella version the best, as far as musically. The stripped down version allows us to appreciate the unique tone and timbre of these talented voices. But it is the official video and the story it told that moved me to tears. What a talented and creative group of artists! Thanks for sharing, Jim!

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  3. i love this group and love these shares. their approach to life and the world is so positive and uplifting, not to mention that they are incredibly talented. thanks so much for sharing these today, jim. i have a plan to see them in the early spring, but it is a big if right now, until then, i can still watch online -)

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