A Great Commercial from France

It’s been a while since I’ve shared a favorite commercial. but after showing the classic “Think Different” commercial from Apple in class today, it put me in the mood to see what the latest batch of commercials look like.

One that struck me was an ad for Telefoot. Here is a description of the ad:

Having won the World Cup twice (2018, 1998), the French adore le footie. So, a channel that broadcasts nothing but the beautiful game is bound to hit the back of the net. To kick off the return of the season, along with the launch of the new platform Telefoot (La Chaîne du Foot – the result of an alliance between Mediapro and TF1 Group), Ogilvy has conceived Le Pied, a charming meditation on the wonders of those hard-working, toe-frilled, bone-rich attachments at the base of our legs.

Directed by Ida, produced by Mediaproduction and Mikros, the film celebrates the oft-overlooked appendage with a lively parade of images, including an orangutan’s dextrous toes, a tot’s first steps, footfall on the moon, hopscotch, ballet dancers on pointe, and, of course, the satisfying slicing of a ball into the goal.

“The foot,” explains Alexis Benoit, Creative Director, Ogilvy Paris, “is often a less-recognized body part, doing the dirty work without any of the credit. To play on this, Le Pied takes a wider perspective on the popular sport by showing the feats, such as football, made possible by the foot. There’s nothing a foot can’t do, but of all the feats it’s capable of, the greatest of all is football.”

Here’s the ad (click on the image to bring you to the site that will play the ad):

Not bad, not bad at all…

42 thoughts on “A Great Commercial from France

  1. Excellent images and uptempo music in that advertisement. I’m a fan of the advertisement, though football (soccer) doesn’t have enough scoring for me. I’m not quite sure why in some sports that lack of scoring doesn’t bother me. I like a pitcher’s duel in baseball, although a slugfest is fun also. What did Greg Maddox used to say—”Chicks dig the long ball.”

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    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it Pete. I am starting to have more of an appreciation for soccer.

      and here is a Pete Rose quote: Singles hitters drive Fords. Home-run hitters drive Cadillacs.

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  2. I love the concept, and it delivers, right to the goal! (speaking from an fomer-ad person perspective) p.s. i must have some orangutan in my family, as I have always been able to pick things up with my toes/feet. another skill set to add to my resume.

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  3. The commercial was very entertaining and makes its point beautifully. What goes by unnoticed is France’s excitement about winning the World’s Cup twice in twenty years. Not necessarily what you think of when you think of a sports dynasty. But, hey, we all have to hold onto what we got. Great post, Jim!

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  4. Very good ad, and a lesson for those of you who think ‘football’ is a game played by a squad of a zillion terminators, only two of whom ever put their foot near the ball. That isn’t football to the rest of the world 😉

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