Another Sign That We Really Miss Sports

Some sports announcers are so desperate for any sort of competition that they’ve taken to narrating ordinary events as if they were the final round at The Masters or Game 7 of the NBA finals.

I love how the lockdown has inspired such creativity.

Who needs sports when you’ve got these guys?

Here are a few of the more well-known videos of this genre:

BBC sports commentator Andrew Cotter has made stars out of his two dogs, Mabel and Olive (there are a few videos in this series at mrandrewcotter)

Nick Heath, British rugby commentator: (Nick also has several videos)

Even the well-known (at least in the U.S.) Joe Buck got into the action:

So once again, sports announcers, like gamblers, find a way.

*image from Awful Announcing

30 thoughts on “Another Sign That We Really Miss Sports

  1. As a sport starved fan, I’ll take whatever I can get these days. My wife, a Nascar fan, tells me that is coming back (without fans) this weekend, but that is one of the few sports I don’t follow. I love the play by play of the dog video. Too funny!

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  2. This was absolutely entertaining. The first one with the dogs is freaking hilarious. A great post to add a little levity to our lock downs. Thanks, Jim! I needed the laugh!

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  3. i love people’s ingenuity! we can create sports out of most anything! my post today is about a um football player coming up with his own way to train while at home.

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  4. I hate to say it, but I’m not into sports!! I am a good trooper though and go with my husband to The Ohio State game watch at a local sports bar during football season. I must admit though that even with several TVs there I can’t say I watch much. I do like the wings, craft beer, and friendships! Love the dog video!! Now if we went to watch them I’d pay attention! Great post!!

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    1. thanks, Gen-X! You are a good trooper, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the majority of the people at the bar are there for the food, the beer, and the camaraderie. And I agree, the dog videos are great.

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  5. This is a strange thing for a sports fan to say, but I’m getting used to not having live sports. Maybe that’s why owners are so anxious to get going. We will learn that we can easily live without devoting significant portions of our energy, time, psychological well being, and most importantly money to watching others play games. Contrarian again.

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  6. The pandemic has been pure torture for TV sports fanatics. I try to catch one of the local sports guys on local television once in awhile. Both are going plum stir-crazy.


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