The Day That Changed My Life

Note: this is an update to a post from five years ago…

Date: April 28, 1978.
Place: a college party at Lake Valhalla, East Stroudsburg, PA

It started off like many other Friday nights in college, heading out to a party with friends. Who would have known that by the end of the evening, my life would be changed forever, for the better.

Somehow during the course of the evening, I found myself talking with the most beautiful girl at the party, something that didn’t usually happen to a guy like me. Well to be more precise, that never happened to a guy like me.

For whatever reason we connected, one thing led to another, and three years later we were married.

I’ve already written about how my wife and I met, so I won’t repeat the story here, except to say that 42 years ago today is when that love story started, and it’s still going strong today.

Happy (day of meeting each other) Anniversary, Mary!

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  1. Forty-two years is quite a testament to your marriage. Yesterday was the first time I think I’ve seen a picture of your wife in the year that I’ve been following you. Congratulations to you and Mary!

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      1. oops, my bad. I thought you were referring to the picture of my wife and I from when we were back in college that was at the top of the post about the day that changed my life…

        and you retired guys are allowed to get the days mixed up!

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  2. Four decades and a pair of years too
    Is how long I’ve been in love with you
    In all that time you have been the best
    Can’t wait to love you for all the rest

    Congratulations to you and Mary!

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      1. if you didn’t like the move that shall not be named, you may not like Curb. It is written by and stars Larry David, the guy who co-created Seinfeld. The humor is pretty low brow, it seems like it is geared for 10 year old boys. One of the “running” jokes in the episode we just watched was about diarrhea… 🙂


      2. I may have to check it out, just to shake my head! Ha Ha! I did like some Seinfield episodes though. But talking about TV sitcoms now, it would be “Mom”, and “Young Sheldon”. TV dramas would be “The Good Doctor” and “This is Us” 🙂

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      3. I have heard of Young Sheldon, but not Mom. I’ve also enjoyed a few episodes of The Good Doctor, and my wife loves This Is Us. My favorite dramas have been more thriller/action related – 24, Ozark, Bosch. My wife loved The West Wing.


      4. You just can’t help but get choked up! 🙂

        Forensic evidence is a show my son really likes and it can be intriguing.. Its about how evidence is used to convict someone. Things that you would never think of usually. There was one case where if it wouldn’t have been for piece of chewed gum the killer would have not been convicted. He had spit out a piece of gum that was found near the body and they identified him by his teeth marks in the gum!

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  3. Happy anniversary! So sweet of you to share this. In these days of instant everything, it’s precious to celebrate how long lasting love can be. Here’s looking for many more anniversaries! 🍸🍸

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  4. Jim: My wife always makes sure i remember the day that we first met as well. I most certainly remember the occasion, just not always so sure about the exact date. We met on the lakefront in downtown Milwaukee Wisconsin.

    Here is a story from that first meeting that we have often told.

    After enjoying our meeting and our time at the Milwaukee lakefront, I was walking Deborah home to her apartment which was also in downtown Milwaukee. On the way, we were talking about our lives and continuing to get to know each other.

    Deborah and I had first met via but the lakefront was our first in-person meeting. She was telling me the story of how she got started on She said that she was meeting with a woman named Lynn who eventually accepted a job that Deborah had turned down. They were in her office and Deborah noticed that there was a big bunch of yellow roses on Lynn’s desk. Lynn told Deborah that a very nice man she had recently met on had sent her those roses. Deborah told Lynn that she hoped that someday she would meet someone who would give her roses as well. That meeting in Lynn’s office was almost a year before Deborah and I met.

    At that point, I stopped walking and just looked at Deborah. “Guess who sent Lynn those roses, Deb? It was me.”

    Talk about not only “small world” but fate as well.

    P.S. Deborah has received many of her own yellow roses over the 17 years that we have been married.

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    1. wow – what a coincidence! I’m happy to hear you have continued the tradition. I did not know Milwaukee had a lakefront – must be nice to have water so close to a downtown area…


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