A Fellow Blogger Has Come Up with the Perfect Stay at Home Activity

In his blog post yesterday, fellow blogger Ray Visotski shared how he spent part of his day:

Early this morning, after playing with the dogs in the yard, I looked at the house and thought to myself, “I wonder how many bricks it took to build our house?”

Two hours later, I have the answer. . . 13,185! (give or take one or two).

My first thought was “I wish I had thought of that” and my second thought was, “I can’t wait to count the bricks used to build our house!”

I’ve written about Ray before; he is the first blogger I have met in the real world. Little did I know at that time that he would come up with a genius way to waste spend a couple of hours during a pandemic-based shutdown.

Counting the bricks will likely take a little bit longer than the other productive activity I’ve engaged in since the lockdown.

When we got back from Singapore in mid-March, we noticed that the light right outside our front door was burned out. I kept wanting to replace the light bulb, but it seemed like the only time I remembered it was when I went to turn on the light at night, and of course, there was no light. I wasn’t going to fumble with such a major job in the dark, so it was another missed opportunity.

Finally, about four weeks later, my son and I finally remembered about the light bulb while it was still bright out. We got everything we needed to do the job (a working light bulb) and set out to replace the burned-out bulb.

100 seconds later, the job was done. We congratulated ourselves, and then went back to see what was on Netflix.

Like I said, counting the bricks should take a bit longer, but I’ve got a whole new season of Bosch waiting for me to serve as motivation to get the job done quickly…

By the way, that is not my house above, thankfully…

*image from Long Island Pulse

51 thoughts on “A Fellow Blogger Has Come Up with the Perfect Stay at Home Activity

  1. Bosch, I have just downloaded series 1/2 I hope it doesn’t disappoint but as you seem happy about season 6 I am guessing it may be worth a watch…Binge watch with all those series 🙂 As for counting bricks I’ll leave that to the man who loves stats 🙂

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    1. I had read a few of the Bosch books and really enjoyed them, so I was probably biased going in to the tv series. But my wife and son seem to enjoy the series as well; I hope you do as well!


  2. Haha, Jim, I leave you on your own to count the bricks in your house. I am trying to make peonies out of fondant and my first attempt is a dismal failure [in my eyes – a success in everyone else’s] so I am going to start over with that. I will count the petals in each peonie.

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  3. Passing the time is easy! A running joke around here is segregating the individual components of three-in-one instant coffee (sugar-milk-coffee), counting the number of grains in your rice jar… you get the idea.

    However, binge-watching on netflix is probably much more productive!

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    1. counting the grains in a rice jar; that almost seems like a meditation exercise… But I agree, Netflix is probably more productive, and certainly more enjoyable! Have a good weekend, jomz.

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  4. Okay, if you have time to count bricks, then you have time to write poetry. It can’t be any worse than counting bricks, which I guess now is the new standard for boredom. But if you must, then I expect an academic result. I would like to see a delineation between full bricks, half bricks, and a break down as to what percentage of bricks is facing a particular direction on the compass. Oh, and a graph showing the variation of colors from brick to brick as a function of when or where they were manufactured. 😁🤣😂

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    1. it seems like I’m not the only one with too much time on my hands! 🙂

      That being said, I’m sure I could find a journal somewhere that would publish such an article! Have a great weekend, Brad!

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    1. anything with numbers, I enjoy. Now If I start talking about cooking or gardening or wanting to go out dancing or a desire to upgrade my wardrobe, then you will know I’ve gone stir crazy 🙂

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    1. I’ll let you know how many bricks I come up with.

      By the way, did you count each brick individually, or did you count the bricks in one row and multiply by how many rows there are? I’m just trying to get a sense of what the official brick counting process is… 🙂


      1. Okay, you’re definitely an elevated counter of steps … in the beat way possible. I use to count stairs as I climbed up. If I still do, I don’t realize. Thanks for the acknowledgement of 500 followers. Saw it the other day and thought it looked bloated.

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  5. This cracked me up. Will anxiously be waiting to hear how many bricks you have? I believe I will suggest this FUN activity to my kids. Filled with confidence that they will hop right to it! LOL!

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  6. Listen up! I demand a recount! Isn’t that the way government works? A math guy like you might enjoy computing the average number of bricks in all homes in your city. 😎

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