Music Monday: A Fun Little Music App for the Curious

Ever wondered what song was topping the charts the day you were born? Or how about the day you turned 21, or got married, or had your children?

Well, I happened to be chatting with one of my nephews last night, and he told me about a nifty little app that will tell you just that. So thank you Steven and Melissa for the inspiration for this blog!

I’ll share what the top songs were for some memorable dates for me, but I know no one really cares about my dates, so I’ll put the link to the site first so that you can have your own fun. Just click on the picture below and enjoy your trip down memory lane.

And for those of you who would prefer to live vicariously through me, here are the songs that were number one on some special dates:

the day I was born:

the day I got married:

the day our first child was born:

the day our second child was born:

the day our third child was born:

Anybody have any of the same songs as me?

*image from IMDB



13 thoughts on “Music Monday: A Fun Little Music App for the Curious

  1. Great post, Jim! There are hours of entertainment in the app you shared. I didn’t realize they had music videos back when you were born! At least I learned something.


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