Music Monday: A Song for Our Times – Put Your Hands Up

I received an email today from the President of Villanova University, Father Peter, announcing that classes will remain online for the rest of the semester. Classes had switched to an online format last week, and the hope was that face-to-face instruction could resume after Easter. However, the rapid escalation of covid-19 has eliminated such a possibility. In addition, the on-campus graduation ceremony has been canceled.

Even though it had become obvious that this was the only option, I am sure it was still a tough decision.

At the end of his email, Father Peter included an excerpt from Augustine that offered hope:

Let’s not allow past things to hold us back from hearing about what lies ahead; let’s not allow our involvement in present events to prevent us from thinking about the future. Let us look forward to the things that are to come. Don’t let the sweetness or bitterness of the past hide the word of God from you. Don’t let your past or present prevent you from looking to the future. (Commentary on Psalm 66, 10)

Father Peter then closed his letter with the following:

Finally, a good friend shared a song with me by Forest Blakk and I want to share it with you. If you need me or anyone at Villanova, please put your hand up, we will be there!

It has been wonderful to see people in our neighborhood putting their hands up, asking for help with grocery shopping or with making masks, and then witnessing the outpouring of offers to help.

The song is called Hands Up, by Forest Blakk, and it is perfect for the situation we all find ourselves in.

I hope all of you are doing well; if not, please put your hands up…

*image from Sunraysia Community Health Services

19 thoughts on “Music Monday: A Song for Our Times – Put Your Hands Up

  1. I love this…I am listening while I type…it is lovely to see how people are pulling together and communities are me hope…Stay safe , Jim


  2. For every story of people hoarding, there are five others that demonstrate that people generally are compassionate about their fellow humans. Way to represent that spirit, Jim!


    1. indeed there are; Susan, in one of her comments below, mentions a couple of great group sing alongs, one of a song by the Carpenters, and another of Over the Rainbow


  3. Music helps. I love this posted on facebook… and other remote singing “together” videos (Close to You by the Carpenters sung by 1000 voices on zoom). So poignant:

    School choir comes together to sing “Over the Rainbow” from their own separate homes
    This school district’s annual Choral Festival was canceled, so the students all sang their individual a cappella portion of “Over the Rainbow” in their separate homes, and put them together to create this masterpiece


    1. I had not seen those two videos – they were great. It’s amazing how people can come together during such trying times. Let’s hope it continues even when the crisis is over…


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