A Six-Word Story and a Haiku

I usually resort to writing a few six-word stories or haikus when I can’t think of anything to write about.

Well, that is certainly the case tonight, with less than 30 minutes to go before the day is over, it’s time to resort.

But I thought I’d mix things up a little, literally, by doing one of each.

Six-Word Story

For sale. Toilet paper. Gently used.

(in homage to perhaps the most famous six-word story: For Sale. Baby shoes. Never worn.)


Just five syllables
Followed by seven, then five
How hard can it be

Another day, another post…

*image from MarketWatch

32 thoughts on “A Six-Word Story and a Haiku

  1. Somehow it’s comforting to know that you occasionally don’t know what to write about. Way to bring it home during crunch time!


  2. Great stuff. Can’t believe the photo though. I hope these people feel embarrassed when they see themselves in photos and videos.


  3. I just read that Costco will no longer accept returns of toilet paper… Iโ€™m assuming not for the gently or otherwise reasons… But to let people know that they canโ€™t hoard now and in times of plenty return the palettes of toilet paper with no consequence. Good for Costco!


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