The Hotshot Rule

I found out about the Hotshot Rule through the latest Pinkcast.

The Hotshot Rule was developed by Kat Cole, COO of Focus Brands, which owns Auntie Anne’s Pretzels, Moe’s Southwest Grill, and Cinnabon, to name just a few.

The way the Hotshot rule works is that once a month you imagine that a superstar comes in and takes over your job, what would they immediately begin doing differently. What would they see and change right away? Answer those questions and then do those things.

Dan points out that when he does this exercise, he already knows what those things are, but asking these questions is a way to remind him that he can do a lot better.

I’m sure if a hotshot came in and took over my job, he would stop checking his WordPress stats so frequently, he would answer emails as soon as he read them, and he would begin to find colleagues to work together with on projects.

As I think about those things, I guess I now know why I’m not a hotshot…

Here’s the Pinkcsat video:

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10 thoughts on “The Hotshot Rule

  1. I believe this technique would work well in getting employees to try even harder at their work, all in an effort to achieve that “hot shot” designation. And I am all for doing your job well, but it immediately begs an answer to just one simple question. Are you paying me like I am a “hot shot”? Or are you simply using my innate over-achiever mentality to work even harder for the pay that you would give any competent person getting the job done? I would be happy to take up this introspective habit, if the boss will commit each month to considering whether or not he is paying wages commensurate to the value the employee brings to the company. If you want me to consider how I can elevate my performance, I need to know you are, in turn, seriously working on how you can elevate my pay. Workers of the world unite!


    1. good point, Brad. It’s got to be a two-way street. If someone becomes more productive, they should see an increase in their pay. They should be sharing in the benefits of that increased productivity.


  2. Instant “hotshot?” Umm…not me sorry to say. I have plenty of room for improvement for sure but ain’t too shabby as is. I might be able to pretend to be a “hotshot” for a short time but would soon revert. Cole is COO of Focus Brands. He no doubt has a fat salary and probably rakes in seven figure bonuses for doing what he is supposed to do even without a bonus, but if he took his own advice maybe he would be COO or CEO of a much bigger company. Interesting theory though.


  3. i’m definitely not a hotshot, but always find it interesting when i switch classrooms or go to conferences, i learn so much from others about how i can grow as a teacher.


    1. I’m the same way. It’s nice to watch someone else teach or learn about some new techniques. Plus, it’s just nice to occasionally be on the other side and be an observer and not the presenter.


  4. I have hotshot phases, Jim. Today was not one of them. I am still recovering from my chest infection and home schooling my boys left me ready for a very unusual afternoon sleep today. I am sure I will be reading half the night as a result.


    1. sometimes rest is the best medicine. I am sure it it a busy time for many because of all the school closings. Hope you are feeling 100% soon! By the way, if you are having trouble falling asleep, just go back and read a couple of my old blog posts, you’ll be asleep before you know it 🙂


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