My Phone and I Are Lost Without the World of Sports…

A few days ago I did some organizing on my cell phone, trying to reduce both the number of apps I have as well as consolidate similar apps into groups to cut down on the number of screens I have.

I was able to go from six screens to two, and I only left a handful of apps survived as standalone icons, not becoming part of any category grouping. These apps included Camera, Weather, Financial Calculator, ESPN, WordPress, Settings, and Clock.

As I’ve written about a few times, I check my blog stats quite frequently. I know I shouldn’t, but I can’t stop myself. Before I rearranged my iPhone screens, I had deliberately put the WordPress app on my last screen, thinking if it was there I wouldn’t check it so often. The only thing it did was add to the time I spend on my phone because I had to constantly swipe through five screens to get to it. It is not back on the Home Page screen.

Another app that I check quite often is the ESPN app. I like to read the stories that are on there as well as check the latest scores from around the world of sports.

The screenshot above is the main scores screen of the ESPN app, highlighting all the scores from key sporting events. It is a blank page. If that doesn’t bring home the reality of the impact of COVID-19 on the world of sports, I don’t know what would.

We are indeed living in some strange times.

So what will I do to keep myself busy on my phone?

The Financial Calculator? It’s depressing to keep using this app to see how many more years I’ll have to work now because of the drop in the stock market these past few days.

The Weather App? Once I get home, it will be depressing to keep looking back at the great weather I left behind in Singapore.

The Clock app? Seriously? How many alarms can I set?

So I guess that means it’s more time on the WordPress app. So much for trying to break that habit.

By the way, here are some screenshots of the scores from various sports:

Major League Baseball:

National Basketball Association:

National Hockey League:

Premier League Football

NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament:

Once we start seeing some scores, then we know the world is slowly returning to normal…



19 thoughts on “My Phone and I Are Lost Without the World of Sports…

  1. I think you know that I follow sports quite closely. (That’s code for I’m a sports junkie.) It’s going to be different without my daily fix, but I’m glad that the leagues are using common sense and either canceling or postponing the games. I can’t help but think if this happened last year when my brother and I went to Minneapolis to watch the Final Four. That was a once in a lifetime kind of trip for me, and even though it was expensive, I’m glad we did it.

    Fortunately, I do have plenty of other hobbies to keep me occupied. I know my Kindle is going to get a lot of use in the next month and perhaps beyond.


  2. We are definitely living in difficult times, I would suggest the apps for daily inspiration such as Mantra and for meditation insight timer..


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