Writing from the Heart

A few years ago I wrote a post about our youngest son Pat, after he had received an award from the Williams Syndrome Association. It was a proud day for all of us, and in the years since, Pat has only added to the places he’s traveled to, the friends he has made, the concerts he has been to, and the rounds of mini-golf he’s played.

And now I’m proud to announce that Pat has become a member of the WordPress blogging community.

I was excited when he said he wanted to start blogging since I think it will be a great outlet for him and could provide inspiration to others with Williams Syndrome.

I helped him set up his site at The Scoop from the Patio, but all of the writing is his own, and it is from the heart.

Here are the links to his first five blog posts; if you get a chance to read one or two of them, he would be thrilled.


P.S. I just hope Pat doesn’t become obsessed with his blog stats like his dad… 🙂

31 thoughts on “Writing from the Heart

  1. I’ll be sure to welcome Pat aboard and hope he finds this forum a deserving outlet for his words. If he is anything like his old man, the posts should be entertaining and he will always be checking his stats…😁


  2. That is so great! I did not know your son had WS/special needs. Another reason (besides the UT ads and shared fandom of Dan Ariely) that I felt a kinship with you as a “special” parent. They teach us so much, don’t they?


  3. That’s cool, Jim. Maybe he’ll surpass your endurance streak for blogging. Much luck to him; I’ll check out his blog.


  4. This is great! I will be sure to check out his blog and wish him well! I did not know your son had Williams Syndrome and sorry but I do not know what that is, can you explain a little please? Thanks!


  5. Such a sweet post Jim. I checked out Patio’s site. He’s done a great job with it. I look forward to reading more of his posts.


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