A Tuk Tuk Here, and a Tuk Tuk There, Here a Tuk, There a Tuk, Everywhere a Tuk Tuk

It’s been our favorite form of transportation in Bangkok, the simple Tuk Tuk.

When my sons came back from Thailand a few years ago, they talked about using tuk-tuks to get around. I wasn’t really sure what they were, but I pictured some guy either standing in front of a two-seat contraption either pulling them along while walking or pedaling them.

I realized later I had been thinking of a rickshaw.

Here’s what a tuk-tuk looks like:

These are open-aired motorized bikes that can carry two-three passengers at quite a cheap rate – cheaper than Grab or a taxi, a bike (motorcycle) or the train/bus/subway. What I found most interesting is that the steering looks more like motorcycle handlebars as compared to the traditional steering wheel found in a car.

While they seem a bit more dangerous than using a car, they seem much safer than motorcycles which are everywhere. And the feel of the wind rushing through yuour hair is quite rewarding on these hot and humid days in Thailand.

You can also hir a tuk-tuk driver for the day, and he will take you to each spot and wait while you do your thing

If you’ve got a 30-minute walk ahead of you and the heat is too much ( a common situation here), then I would certainly recommend flagging down a tuk-tuk.

*rickshaw image from Tokyo Cheapo

** tuk-tuks image from Msn.com

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  1. Looks like a fun way to jet! I think I missed some comments from you on my page… just in case I did, letting you know it was by accident. When posts get too far down they disappear and then I can’t find them. Frustrating. I think I want to try a Tuk Tuk!


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