Who Knew a Government Could Produce Such a Powerful and Emotional Video?

I’ve got to thank my wife for sending me this video; she knows I’m a fan of commercials and other short-length videos.

And this one is special.

The video comes from a surprising source, at least to me –  the Singaporean government. I’m not sure how long they have been making videos or how many others they have made, but I’ll be checking to see if they have more like this one.

I can’t imagine the U.S. government producing such a video. I’m sure many people would call it a waste of taxpayers’ dollars and others would simply say that the U.S. government should not be involved in the making of videos because, well, they just shouldn’t.

But I would love to see governments around the world producing such videos; videos that focus on the importance of family, diversity, inclusion, and pure love. It would be a great way to bring citizens together both within and across borders.

I hope you enjoy it; it got better each time I watched it.

*image from Marketing Interactive

21 thoughts on “Who Knew a Government Could Produce Such a Powerful and Emotional Video?

  1. What a moving commercial! It comes across more like a Hollywood production. I can’t help but think of others who don’t speak to family members for years over some dispute. This should be required viewing for those who are embroiled in a long-standing feud with someone in their family.


  2. That was better than any of the commercials we watched during the Super Bowl, and probably cost quite a bit less. The ideas reflected in this video go far beyond cultural or societal differences, to touch on our common roots of humanity and love. Thank you for sharing, this was beautiful!


    1. I agree, Brad, it was a wonderful commercial. It would be nice to see some like this in the U.S. But the length and subject matter may keep companies from doing so. And it was nice to see that no matter one’s background, the video affected so many people in a positive way.


  3. This brought tears to my eyes and touched my heart. The sacrifices we do for our children are priceless. I wish we had a commercial like this in the states, very compelling.. thanks for sharing Jim


    1. It was such a beautiful video, LaShawn. I wish we had more commercials like this as well – even though there’s nothing commercial about it. Which may be why we don’t see such ads…


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