Music Monday: Coding, Operating, and Performing – You Can Have it All

No worries, members of high school and college bands and performing groups. There is no need to end your participation once you graduate school. A number of companies have their own in-house musical groups.

In a recent Wall Street Journal story, Chip Cutter writes about how many tech companies have their own in-house orchestras, bands, and a capella groups.

Here’s a sample of a few of these musical groups:

The Amazon Symphony Orchestra

The Google Symphony

Many firms feature a capella groups; there’s even a competition, similar to the one in Pitch Perfect, featuring a variety of groups from the world of tech, known as Techapella.


But it’s not just tech companies that have such musical groups. Apparently, company musical ensembles date at least to the 19th century, when coal mines throughout Britain had brass bands. (the photo at the of the post is of the Grimethorpe Brass Band).

Here are a couple of non-tech firms that have had in-house musical groups for decades: the Boeing Employees Choir and the Procter & Gamble Big Band:

And finally, it’s not business-focused organizations that feature such groups. Here is the Texas Medical Center Orchestra. Some of the doctors and other health-care professionals who belong have attended rehearsals in bloody scrubs, members have rushed out of rehearsal to attend to a patient or deliver a baby.

It’s a good thing they’ve got their priorities straight. Sometimes, the show must not go on…

*image from The Guardian

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  1. thanks, Brad! We do have a number of talented musicians among our faculty. I always thought it would be fun if one day they all performed for five or ten minutes for the members of the college – students, faculty, and administrators.


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