Welcome to Villanova’s A Cappella SpOlooza

This was almost more than I could handle.

Tonight, Villanova put on an event that combines two of the things I have come to love at Villanova – a cappella performances and the Special Olympics.

The event, known as A Cappella SpOlooza (SpO is the nickname used on campus for the Special Olympics), serves as a fundraiser for SpO and a chance to showcase some of the amazing singing talents of our students.

A total of seven a cappella groups, some all-male, some all-female, and some co-ed, each sang two songs. But the highlight of the evening was when several Special Olympic athletes got up on stage along with various members of the a cappella groups and sang Sweet Caroline.

It never sounded, or looked, better. And as you will see, the students in the audience were just as into it as the performers:

It was another wonderful evening at Villanova, showing that we’re more than a top-ranked basketball program or number one business school (I had to get that in).

This is a school of multi-talented individuals with a strong sense of community, passion, and empathy.

P.S. Here are some of my previous posts about Villanova’s Special Olympics Fall Festival, the best weekend on campus every year.


4 thoughts on “Welcome to Villanova’s A Cappella SpOlooza

  1. What a fun event! We visited Villanova when my daughter was looking at schools. She ended up choosing elsewhere, but we had all liked the vibe of the campus.


    1. It was a fun evening; it is amazing to see what a commitment the students have to the Special Olympics. Happy to hear you enjoyed your visit to campus; I wish we had known each other at the time, it would have been nice to meet you!


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