What Do You Prefer – a Sunrise or a Sunset? Take the Poll!

Earlier today I was reading the blog of my friend Brad Osborne, where he had recently posted a beautiful poem titled Sunrise.

The poem brought back memories of a debate I had several years ago with one of my sons about whether we preferred watching a sunrise or watching a sunset.

We were of opposing views; I’m a sunrise kind of guy, my son prefers sunsets.

Don’t get me wrong. I love watching a beautiful sunset as much as the next guy. But if I had to choose, I’d go with watching the sunrise.

When I think of a sunrise, I think of new beginnings, a day full of possibilities. The sunrise brings with it a sense of anticipation – what will you do with this gift of a new day that has just been given to you? It represents hope.

A sunset, on the other hand, reminds me that darkness is on its way, the end has arrived. You may look back on the day and end up judging it as a good day or a bad day.

With a sunrise, on the other hand, you likely only have good thoughts about what the day may bring.

So what about you? Are you a sunrise or sunset kind of person?

If you could, I’d love for you to take the simple poll below, the first one I’ve ever tried in my five years of blogging. Thank you in advance for participating!

P.S. After I decided to write about sunrise vs. sunset, I came across a post from another blogging friend who just so happened to write a beautiful tribute to the sunrise he witnessed this morning. It seemed like sunrises were on a few people’s mind this week.

*image from Surfer Today

23 thoughts on “What Do You Prefer – a Sunrise or a Sunset? Take the Poll!

  1. I’m from the West Coast, and though I’ve spent some time out East and a sunrise is awfully beautiful, nothing in this world compares to a west coast sunset.


  2. Your poll results give me the impression we are outnumbered in our love of sunrise. Thank you for the shout out and link. Your support is selfless and much appreciated!


  3. Jim, I am more of a sunrise person because I am a morning guy. It is inspiring to be out walking in the pre-dawn light and witness the rising sun of another wonderful day. I’ve captured some of these images on my camera as well as in my poetry. Have a great weekend!


    1. I’m a morning guy as well, Richard, so perhaps that has something to do with our preference for the sunrise. I’ll have to check your site for some of those images and poetry!


  4. I love them both but there is something about the vivid hues across the Texas sky at the end of the day, that speaks to my soul. As if to whisper, you made it through another day and this magnificent view is a reward for your soul to visualize while reflecting on the positivity of the day and a gentle reminder as the sky turns dark, the negativity you are facing is temporary as the sun will rise again tomorrow to brighten your day xoxo


  5. I prefer the sunset only because I prefer to sleep late, I think I will definitely try to watch a sunrise


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