Making Do with What You’ve Got

Yesterday, one of my colleagues (Bill O.) was giving a brief welcome speech to this year’s incoming freshmen in the school of business, and one part caught my attention:

“There are only seven colors in the rainbow, but look at what Michaelangelo and van Gogh were able to do with those colors. There are only seven musical notes, but look at what Bach and Beethoven were able to do with those notes. There are only ten numbers, and look at what Bernie Madoff was able to do.”

It got the laughs he was looking for, including from me, but it also got me thinking.

Think of all of the art you’ve ever gazed upon, it was all created with the same basic seven colors. Think of all the music you’ve ever listened to, it was all created from the same seven notes.

Sometimes all it takes to create magic is working with what you’ve got, and even then, you don’t need much.

*image from PhillyVoice

27 thoughts on “Making Do with What You’ve Got

      1. You are welcome and thankful for the friends who can shine the light on things for us, for sometimes the most simple concepts we just don’t think about.


  1. Makes me think of Einstein’s thought experiments. Thank you for a thought-provoking post!


      1. But then you’d have to balance it out with serious stuff – that doesn’t sound like fun! (sorry for the delay, this comment was somehow in my spam folder!)


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