Two Roads Diverged on the Way to Cleveland, and I…

I took the one…

with no tolls.

Google Maps is my favorite app on my phone; it amazes me every time I use it. One of the features I like is the ability in the settings to select “Avoid tolls”.

Now sometimes, it’s worth paying the toll.

For example, from our house to Ocean City, NJ is 84 miles, takes about 90 minutes, and costs about $12 round trip, for an average of $6 each way.  If I were to choose the “Avoid tolls” option it would be 132 miles and would take an extra hour. The $6 in tolls seems worth it to save an hour on a 90-minute trip.

But sometimes it isn’t worth it.

Today, with a full tank of gas, we set out a trip to Cleveland. With tolls, the trip is 402 miles, is estimated to take about 6 hours and 15 minutes, and costs about $36 in tolls (one way). If I choose the “Avoid tolls” option, the trip is 405 miles and takes about 6 hours and 50 minutes.

So it is an extra three miles and an extra 35 minutes to avoid the tolls, but I save $36. To me, that’s a good trade-off.

So we chose the road(s) with no tolls.

It was a very scenic route, not too much traffic, and it was easy to stop, top off the tank, get something to drink, and stretch our legs. I can’t imagine the route with tolls could have been nicer.

And while the best part of the journey is getting to see our oldest son, saving $72 in tolls makes it even more enjoyable.

By the way, to estimate the tolls, there is a nifty little app to help with that as well, TollGuru.

*image from Calvary Baptist Church

10 thoughts on “Two Roads Diverged on the Way to Cleveland, and I…

  1. I have a love hate relationship with Google Maps. Not too long ago when I was driving back from the Toronto Airport it took me onto a toll highway and cost me 45$ on an hour and a half ride home. It was rush hour so it probably saved me an hour but 😑 ouch.

    Maybe I just didnt see the avoid tolls option


  2. I recently experienced something similar: a choice between two different routes heading south to San Francisco. It was a choice between toll prices. At a somewhat cheaper rate, you need to make a roundabout trip through Oakland. At a somewhat higher rate, you make a far more direct connection, get a scenic view and drive over the Golden Gate Bridge. I chose the latter!


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