Music Monday: Iconic TV Theme Songs with No Lyrics

I had written before about some of my favorite TV theme songs, and I had mentioned that limiting the list to six songs was difficult and that I would follow-up with another post with more of my favorites.

For today’s post, I thought I would limit my list of favorite TV theme songs to ones that were just instrumental.

The cool thing about these songs is that not only do you likely know what show the song goes with, the song kind of evokes what kind of show it is.

So here are six more of my favorite TV theme songs, all instrumental. I would consider most, if not all of them, to be iconic.

Hawaii Five-O – as soon as I hear the opening notes, I’m thinking of a big wave in Hawaii

Twilight Zone – who isn’t creeped out as soon as you hear the beginning of this song?


Mission Impossible: the song puts you in the mood for a good thriller

Room 222: a nice breezy song to go with a nice upbeat show. I wanted to go to a school like Walt Whitman…

Bonanza – makes me feel like I’m riding a horse on a big ranch out West

The Munsters – this has s similar sound to Hawaii Five-O in my mind, but I couldn’t not include it since it was one of my favorite shows

and a bonus; The Odd Couple – one of my Dad’s favorite shows that I remember watching every Friday night with him and the rest of the family. Includes the opening voiceover.