If You’re into Watching People Faint – Then You’ve Come to the Right Place

I just read a story about cam models, people who can make a fortune online catering to the unusual fetishes of their clients.

One woman has filmed herself rubbing her feet with oil and glitter and she claims to have charged $20 a minute just to allow someone watch her sneeze. Videos of her eating messy dishes, like ribs and burgers, have helped pay her mortgage. Customers have also been willing to dish out up to $250 for used socks. She also alleges that some clients were even willing to pay for toenail clippings or “foot dust” — finely milled dry, dead skin from exfoliating.

She notes that her typical client is usually pretty educated and older and that they’ve usually been shamed or ridiculed for some sort of the strange things they are into. She says she doesn’t judge or get surprised by things anymore; nothing really sounds weird to her anymore.

This is just another in a growing list of the unusual ways people make a living by posting videos online.

I’ve written about videos featuring squishy things,  “study with me” videos, pressure washing videos, mukbang videos where you can pay to watch people eat, and of the seven-year old who makes $22 million per year filming toy reviews.

So I guess camming videos shouldn’t surprise me at all.

And rather than just sit back and watch other people make money on YouTube, I thought maybe there’s an opportunity for me.

So tonight I offer my first video, completely free, to get things started.

I’m guessing there are people out there who enjoy watching other people faint, so here’s a video of me passing out in my classroom. It’s best watched with the volume turned up high.

And if you enjoyed that, I have another video of me walking into a glass door (well, sort of), and one of me nodding off that I can share at a later date.

If there seems to be demand for those types of videos, I might even explore if there’s any demand for watching my accounting lecture videos; there’s got to be some accounting nerds out there. I realize that the market for my accounting videos is probably smaller than the market for people who like to watch people sneeze, but what can I say, it’s the life I chose.

In fact, when I think about it that way, it certainly keeps me humble, and makes me wonder, where did I go wrong?

*image from rare historical photos

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