WordPress Has THE Best Tech Support

I recently switched my hosting site from bluehost to WordPress, and all I can say is WOW.

I was not having any problems with bluehost, but I just thought it was a time to make some changes.

I had always found the tech support at bluehost helpful the few times I had to contact them, but WordPress support is on another level – a world-class level.

There were several questions I had as part of the switchover, and these issues were resolved through a series of multiple (and I mean multiple) email messages. And for over 90% of those emails, the response times from WordPress could be measured in minutes, not hours.

Once the new web site was up and running, I then had several questions about how to make a tweak here and a tweak there to get the site to look and act the way I wanted (and no snide comments, like “so this is the way you WANT your site to look?”). At this point I was able to use the online chat feature, which cut the response time down to seconds, not minutes.

Each tech support person I worked with (referred to as Happiness Engineers) was friendly and helpful, and quickly resolved each issue I had. For certain fixes they showed me how to do it myself, and others they went ahead and took care of for me. At one point I sent them a link to another WordPress web site that I wanted to emulate, and tech support helped me set up the necessary features to do so.

And today one of the Happiness Engineers even wrote some custom CSS code for me and sent it to me via email with easy to follow instructions on how to add the code to my site.

At this point I think I’ve run out of techy questions to ask them; now I guess it’s up to me to provide the content and get the readers – if only they could help with that too!

So a big thank you to Joshua, Regina, Dean, Kristin, Cena, Adam, Joe, Nancy, Jon, and the rest of the WordPress/Automattic team. It really did take a village!

*image from Automattic

3 thoughts on “WordPress Has THE Best Tech Support

  1. Hi Jim,
    what version of wordpress (or package) are you using? I was thinking of upgrading (I have the free version currently)


    1. Hi Susan, I signed up for the Professional package. I’m not really sure I needed that level, but I was not sure how much I would need my old plugins or how much space I would need. If those were not concerns, it seems as if the premium package is the best option. Good luck, and as you know, I have been quite happy with my move to using WordPress as my hosting company.


    2. Hi Susan!

      You can choose a plan based on your requirements. WordPress.com offers Blogger, Personal, Premium, Business and eCommerce plans. Each plan has the list of features which applies to the level of control and functionalities you want.

      For example: If you want to run a website on a .blog domain name and intend it to be a Blog – you can go with Blogger plan. Or, if you want to customize or extend your site functionality with custom themes and plugins – you can go with the Business plan.

      You can find the details here: https://en.support.wordpress.com/plan-features

      and the complete breakdown here: https://wordpress.com/pricing


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