The 2019 Drunk Shopping Census (Yes, There Is Such a Survey)

Another club that I’m not part of.

But this time, I’m actually happy to be excluded.

Tech and business newsletter The Hustle surveyed more than 2,000 alcohol-drinking adults about their online shopping behavior and found that on average, shoppers spent more than $400 per year on items bought while intoxicated. Based on that response, The Hustle estimates that drunk shopping is a $48 billion per year business.

Here were some of the major takeaways:

A few key findings:

  • 79% of alcohol consumers have made at least one drunk purchase
  • $444: Average annual spend per drunk shopper
  • Clothing and shoes are the most common drunk purchase
  • Amazon is the drunk shopping platform of choice

Some other fun facts:

  • Women (80%) are slightly more likely than men (78%) to drunk shop, although men spend more
  • Drunk shoppers consume 10 drinks per week, double the consumption of drinkers who don’t shop under the influence.
  • People from Kentucky spend the most on average while drunk shopping – $742 per year.
  • Surprisingly, only 6% of the respondents reported feeling regret after their drunken purchase.

You can be sure retailers are taking advantage of such shoppers by creating enticing ads and making it very easy to complete a purchase (one-click shopping),

As far as I know, I don’t think I’ve ever shopped while drunk. Part of that may be that the internet didn’t really exist when I was at my peak of occasional tipsiness.

I tried to think about what I might buy if I did do some online shopping while a little under the influence.

Clothing certainly would not make my top 10 list, but items such as books, gadgets, and juggling equipment would likely fill up my shopping cart. I might also be tempted to pick up some airline tickets for a quick weekend getaway to an island.

Now as I look at the list, I’m tempted to get drunk some night, just so I can to Bermuda and spend some reading and juggling.

Seems like a fun way to do the occasional splurge, with no regrets…

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